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Monday, January 30, 2017


ME :

* knoc knock * is there anyone in here? :D

HEY GUYS! is it too late to post something with a caption happy new year now?? LOL I gues it is XD
but hey, this is the first post on this blog made in 2017. even though is close ( very ) with february but well..guys I hope you have a happy january then :)

OK. as you see the title you must be  know what this post is about. yes, it's about book. rare isn't it? there's no any post about book before on this blog haha BTW, I am Icha. if you are a follower or ever visited this blog before you probably only know my sister Inge. It's true that this blog is her before, and I do have my own blog which is " " but I closed it and  we're decided to together being a host for this blog with my sister Ully too. I will regularly make a post in here and share alot of info, and write about everything I think is interest, fun, and must try XD ( but I probably will post more about books because that's what I'm interest the most XD )

So, nice to meet you :)

book review bookstagram


I read many kind of books. The genre I used to pick alot is fantasy and young-adult. I called myself a bibliophile, book lover, book addict, bookworm , The sleepy bedtime reader. no kidding. I just couldn't sleep if I didn't read any book. are you with me? did you love books like me? :)

book review bookstagram


If I remember correctly, i already make an account on instagram for about 2 years. But I rarely post anything.  sometimes feels like I abandoned it. it's because I'm not a typical photo person, you know, I mean I don't usually like to take a photo. many of photos in my instagram is about my cats. LOL
BUT about 3 months ago, I find a blog about books who talk about bookstagram. what is bookstagram? Bookstagram is a hashtag use by people when they post a photo of books on instagram. and people who regularly took a photo of books and using this hashtag is a bookstagrammer. Somehow, this hashtag become a " symbol " of people who loved books and created a community throught instagram. when I found it, I'm so excited and gave alot of love of many photos of books and then I post a photo of my own books. it's really fun. itis also increased my follower and makes me want to post everyday photo of books. and not just taking any kind of picture, but to make it interesting the photo needs to take in a photography style, to gain people interest and not just to show our collection, you know :)

Here is a few photo on my instagram. you can also check @calledasia_withbooks

book review bookstagram

what do you think? :)

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