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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Where to buy Clip Hair Extensions - CC Hair Extensions

Where to buy Clip Hair Extensions - CC Hair Extensions

Hi beauties ^^ How are you? It's raining everyday here and one of my kitten finally found a new home, So I am pretty happy today \m/ yaaay~!!!

Today I wanna share to you all about one of the beauty product that makes your life easy~ Clip hair extensions~!! 

Okey for you who don't know.. you can see the picture above, clip hair extensions is a hair extension with a clip.
Clip hair extensions is best for you who wants to have longer and beautiful bushy hair in no time. I recommend one online shop who sell cheap clip in hair extensions online - The CC Hair Extensions -

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fashion: Beautiful White Roses Dress

Fashion: Beautiful White Roses Dress

Fashion: Beautiful White Roses Dress - ohiiiiiiiiii omg omg this dress was in my wishlist for looooooooooooooooooooong time ago. I Love Love L.O.V.E this beautiful dress <3333
OK so first thing first, I got it from . Sangkyu~!!
Second you can't imagine how happy I was when the dress arrived to me #tralalala It is soooo well made T^T #happycry and it didn't look cheap AT ALL, its just it's justt... niceeeeeeeeee. Ok sorry too many compliment but telling you the truth, it is niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, excellent!!!
The color is so beautiful. The combination of white and red rose. I feel cute when I wear it~!!!
I think it's also one of the best seller dress cause it has so many 'buyer show' pictures and also many comments in
Okay if you like it, what about check all my photos and leave nice comment~ Thank you~ you are awesome \m/

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fashion: Sexy Dress from

Party dress trend

Fashion: Sexy Dress from - Yellow all~ Already fashion post. Introducing a black mini dress from . I had make Tmart post in precious post here and here. They sell very affordable items but very fashionable too \m/ I like the lace in the dress, make me sexier. The dress quality is good compored to the price ^^ It's soft and fit your body curve perfectly *thumb up*.. ok girls~ if you like, go scroll down, I attach the link of the dress on the bottom of my post ^_^ check other items from too~ See ya in next post~

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fashion: Sunglasses - Summer Style

Fashion: Sunglasses - Summer Style

Fashion: Sunglasses - Summer Style - Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Long time no see~!! How are you? :) If you ask me, I am fine. I'm just so busy with my work now hahaha So I didn't post as often as I used too ^_^ Anyways, In today's fashion. I'm showing you my new sunglasses from, It's an online store who sell I think pretty much everything hahaha laptop, phone, beauty supplies, fashion, car accesorries, many more xD ookk look at my other photos yeahh~

Monday, March 3, 2014

Fashion with Dresslily Bag

Korean style

Fashion with Dresslily Bag - Hiiii.. new fashion post~! I'm showing you a cute bag I got from . Dresslily is an online store who sell clothing and accesories (ofc). They offer free shipping for all the items. So I used the free shipping option. It was arrived less than 30 days which is fast. Since it usually took more than 30 days for the free shipping items to arrived. 
When it arrived, they wrap the bag very well, so then the bag still in a good condition. ^_^ hehehe 
I luv luv this bag. It's small, very affordable, and cute design hahaha xD 
ok enough talking, checky checky my other pictures~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fashion: Elegant Bag -

Fashion: Elegant Bag -

Fashion: Elegant Bag - - Yellow~ Another fashion post. Today I'll talk about my bag that I got from Everbuying is an online store who sell many things, fashion, beauty, gadget and may more.
So that beautiful elegant black shiny bag I carry, it is a bag I got from Everbuying and.. my hand's.. covering.. the bag.. hahaha. Read more yeah so you can check how the bag looks like ;)
I also want to ask you, who love my hair look?? hahaha It's a wig!! I got a wig from Everbuying too. You can check my review here . It looks so cute and natural yeah? ;)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Tutorial: Simple Make - Up

Tutorial: Simple Make - Up

Tutorial: Simple Make - Up - Yellow, mau kasih tutorial nih hehehe. Tutorial make up yang mudah banget, biar masih pemula juga pasti bisa ^_^. Soalny aku aja juga masih pemula, nggak mahir ber-make-up-ria tapi sok-sok-an bikin tutorial bwahahaha. Ini make up sehari-hari aku, make up yang biasa aku pakai. Gampang dan simple kok. ^_^ yukk di cek

Friday, January 31, 2014

Fashion: Wig -

Korean hair style 2014

Fashion: Wig - - yellow yellow ^_^ Have you read my previous post about 'the 2013 hair trend' - here? One of my favorite hair style there is the big hair curl. I really am in love with that style and since I can't get that style to my own hair hahaha So I got a wig from Everbuying . It's so cheap, only $14.69 include shipping fee mee~hee. So.. Do I look like Kpop star? bahahaha.
Read more for review ~
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