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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Best Wedding Dresses by MILLYBRIDAL

Best Wedding Dresses by MILLYBRIDAL -  Hallo!! Finally yeah I post something haha. Because yeah you know the holiday~the work and lalala things I only making excuses haha!!! 
Anyways guys, in my 26th year of my life. I want to get marry!! So I checking a wedding dress, even tho I don't have 'the man' who wants to marry me LOL but whatever lah I still can check some wedding dress, right???? Maybe I would find a good one~ The one I am in love with~ *the dress I meant :D 
And then I found this site MILLYBRIDAL - and they sell very cute wedding dresses >.< the price also reasonable >.< 
Please check some of my favorite wedding dress and help me choose yeah~!!! haha

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Landybridal : Cheap Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Landybridal : Cheap Beautiful Wedding Dress

Landybridal : Cheap Beautiful Wedding DressLandybridal : Cheap Beautiful Wedding Dress - Hi, How are you? If you asked me, well thank you Lord, I am good! So right now, What about if we talk about dress. But it's not just a "dress" but a very special dress, it's "wedding dress"!!  Remind me of K-pop song from Taeyang - Big Bang it has same title "Wedding Dress", good song, recommend for you who haven't listen yet ;)

Anyways, I have recommend many online stores who sell wedding dresses. But you should definitely check this one, Landybridal. They have soooo many beautiful collections. I think you will go wow when you see it or maybe confuse to choose which one do you want for your wedding haha.

Landybridal has been in the industry for more than 15 years, since 1999. That's not a short time. They must be very professional and have many experiences :). Other than wedding dress, Landybridal also sell bridesmaid dress, wedding accessories, men formal wear and a lot more.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pick Your Wedding Dress with

Pick Your Wedding Dress with

Pick Your Wedding Dress with - Hello Hello! How are you doing? Are you in love now? Do you have found your soul mate? Do you plan a wedding now? :)

Aaaah~ it would be amazing if the moment of marriage will come. The happiness of finally be able to take a new life with someone we love :) The moment, that hopefully will be once in our life, should be celebrate in shades as beauty as possible. Even without all the luxury, But being beauty and charming is a must and important XD

One of the most important thing in a wedding is of course a wedding dress, right? 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fashion: Cheap Wedding Dress 2015 -

Fashion: Cheap Wedding Dress 2015 - www.yobridal.comHi how are you? I've been busy moving to a new house. And my cat was sick so very bad that he need to get, uhmm.. intravenous therapy?... it's because he was too shocked when we moved to a new house. Poor him.. but thank God, he's fine. I thought he would "bye bye me" cause the doctor said something scary, something like, bad dehydration, virus, liver thingy, blind shit. He was 6kg and when he sick he's only 5,3kg TT_TT... 
But look!! thank you God, really Thank you God m(_ _)m..  my cat is perfectly fine right now ^3^ (and one of the doctor was pretty annoying cause she kept arguing.. wtf man.. I am the person with a sick cat, don't you think you need to stop arguing?? so unprofessional until the main doctor had to say sorry for her.what the fuck -.-'')

Enough about me and my cat hahaha. 

You know the important thing when you have a wedding is the wedding dress, yeah right? Even thought, I am not married yet or not getting marry anytime soon. But I like to think how my wedding dress will look ;)

If me - who are not marry soon - already think such a think. You - who will getting marry soon - must be so busy looking for a dress. So I want to tell you a place where you can get beautiful dress with very reasonable price :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Classy Prom Dresses - TBdress

Classy Prom Dresses - TBdress

Classy Prom Dresses - TBdress - I love dress. Prom dress, Wedding dress, Special occasion dress, mini dress, A line dress, with or without lace, yellow, black, green, etc. I love all ^_^ 
Since it's almost prom time and also for you who preparing wedding. The have the new collection for wedding dress and prom dress 2014. I think before you discover TBdress by your self. You might want to see my 10 best dresses in 
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