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Monday, July 15, 2013

My Old Blog Post (Part 2) The cute part!

hi!! ^_^ As I told you in "My Old Blog Post (Part 1)" about my old blogs and my old post. I continue it~ with this Part 2 and I think there will be part 3 hmm.. 
Anyways, Enjoy~
Yellow.. my piggy pig is pink! Look at the pic, his name is Pig. I want to give him a better name but I already used to call him Pig. He is a body pillow pig, so cute xD. It was my cute angel gave it to me, love him . When Pig on the way to come over here, Pig was from Korea and I lived in Indonesia xD I checked his tracking like everyday xD mooooooo.. and finally! there was a letter telling my Pig arrived! It was April 25th 2011 . It've been 3 months since I met Pig and I already wash Pig for 2 times mooooo

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Stories

Keep calm and read my story

So Sometimes I make story. Just short story that I make for my boy for his relaxing time hahaha
Enjoy the stories~
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