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Friday, April 18, 2014

Fashion: Chicnova Cool Dress T-shirt

Fashion: Chicnova Cool Dress T-shirt

Fashion: Chicnova Cool Dress T-shirt - Ok just so you know.. I have a cat and my cat didn't ripped the dress. The dress already like that when I order it hahaha. Cool, right?? As usual I got the awesome unique dress from Chicnova yeey~!! I have shown you many of my chicnova item collections in my blog~ and this is one of the dress I love there~ oke read more~ enjoy the photo~
PS: The girl in the picture is not me.. she is.. my.. sister... 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fashion: Elegant Watch -

Fashion: Elegant Watch - - LOL forget about my question. You know already, what's inside by reading my title LOL.. yeah it's a watch I got from 
oh wait wait but you don't know how the watch looks.. so continue reading~

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fashion: Sexy Dress from

Party dress trend

Fashion: Sexy Dress from - Yellow all~ Already fashion post. Introducing a black mini dress from . I had make Tmart post in precious post here and here. They sell very affordable items but very fashionable too \m/ I like the lace in the dress, make me sexier. The dress quality is good compored to the price ^^ It's soft and fit your body curve perfectly *thumb up*.. ok girls~ if you like, go scroll down, I attach the link of the dress on the bottom of my post ^_^ check other items from too~ See ya in next post~

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fashion: Elegant Bag -

Fashion: Elegant Bag -

Fashion: Elegant Bag - - Yellow~ Another fashion post. Today I'll talk about my bag that I got from Everbuying is an online store who sell many things, fashion, beauty, gadget and may more.
So that beautiful elegant black shiny bag I carry, it is a bag I got from Everbuying and.. my hand's.. covering.. the bag.. hahaha. Read more yeah so you can check how the bag looks like ;)
I also want to ask you, who love my hair look?? hahaha It's a wig!! I got a wig from Everbuying too. You can check my review here . It looks so cute and natural yeah? ;)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Fashion: Wig -

Korean hair style 2014

Fashion: Wig - - yellow yellow ^_^ Have you read my previous post about 'the 2013 hair trend' - here? One of my favorite hair style there is the big hair curl. I really am in love with that style and since I can't get that style to my own hair hahaha So I got a wig from Everbuying . It's so cheap, only $14.69 include shipping fee mee~hee. So.. Do I look like Kpop star? bahahaha.
Read more for review ~

Thursday, December 19, 2013

OH My.. Cute Outfit from

wholesaleitonline review

Hellow you you and you and you.. So you know, after see my picture above did you realize something? Oh right~ I have nicer legs cause I lost 6kg bwhahahahaha. 4kg more to go~

Other than me getting smaller, slimmer, prittier lol I look like this, It's also because the clothes I wore~ right?
last time I wore this, when I went to a mall, everyone looking at me, like "omg you look like a walking cello" LOLOL And you think I'm kidding. I'm not!! hahaha xD ask my sis. bwhahaha

and you wonder, where did you get it??? ok you might not wonder, since I already mention it in the title LOL. (sorry I lol too much..) So I got it from TA~RA~

oh btw I need to mention this. Almost all the fashion post in my blog is sponsored. But The opion is from my self. Anyways, it's fashion, right?? Everyone have different taste. I just want to show you where I got the clothes, if maybe you like it, you know where to buy xD
and read more~ (if you don't like reading, just enjoy the photos oceee \m/ rock)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fashion: The Chess Girl In Red - Love Mart of China

Fashion: The Chess Girl In Red

Fashion: The Chess Girl In Red - Love Mart of China - Oh god.. I remember when I was very diligent 2 months ago. I can post an article almost everyday! But now.. this november.. I couldn't believe this is my 5th post this month!! Gosh.. well usual reason, well I'm busy.. so yeah..
Anyways, ok so you know the cute mini dress I wore in the pic.. God, Love me, cause you know, I look sexy on it. Well at least that's what I think hahahaha. I got the dress from Fashion women's shoes clothes handbags onsale Worldwide Delivery No Ninimum Order!
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