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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

25 Expressions - Like this Like that

25 face expressions emo

25 Expressions - Like this Like that - LOL well I was going to make a fashion post but then decided to publish this one. Just some random photos of my self lol I was thinking, oh well I need to post this before it's getting too old in my draf xD I took these photos like months before. My hair is now much more longer than what it looks in the photos, just so you know how old the pictures are.. hahaha 

If you don't want to see my face pictures, just scroll down to leave a lovely comment lol

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Black and White - Kpop Girl's Day Expection

Do you know song? Black and White? She's a Korean singer xD But Have nothing to do with my post today lol.. But do you know Kpop group, Girl's day with their song expection. They look so sexy, I love them ^_^ So I got fashion inspiration from Girl's day - Expection wo ~ ho~

Kpop Girls Day Expection

Friday, August 9, 2013

What Makes YOU Happy?

bayi kucing baru lahir
My baby, Fufu just gave birth this little 5 lovely kittens on August 6th 2013. Congrats <3

So the question should be 'what makes me happy?' Cause I will talk about me and not you hahaha
Do you really know what actually can makes you happy? I wasn't really thinking about what makes me happy. I just enjoy everything, the happiness and the sadness. And Thank you to Andita @Random Share of Bliss for tagged me <3

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Old Blog Post (Part 1)

Do you know that I've been blogging since 2010? xD But I never be as serious as I am now with my blog. I think total I have 10 blogs lol I delete and make new one and so on. I didn't care about my readers and what they want, I didn't care about how many people visit the blog, I didn't care about how many followers I have. All I care about was only me. Plus I was too focus on how to make the blog looks cuter than other bloggers. Also my posts full of cute things (I think it's cute) and mostly about my hamster or my life stories xD

So you must be curious~ like oh oh what did you post 2 years ago?? don't worry I will show you~
I only copy paste from my other blog drafs :) I didn't add anything xD
anywyas The blog is no longer exists now. I already deleted it a year ago :)
So here are the posts ^^
I have a hamster, her name is Shinchi . She is female . I need time to found good last name for her but I got nothing. I was thinking, Shinchi honey is cute name but most people called someone they loved as honey. So I don't want hahaha. One day I really need a last name for her. Maybe.. maybe.. I'll name her, Shinchi Winchester. Winchester is my favorite character name from my favorite TV series, Dean Winchester from Supernatural. So since that time, her name is Shinchi Winchester but I might change her name someday hahaha xD This is Shinchi..

"Who is there..?"

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Emoticon Picture

cute emoticon

Sharing is caring~!! So I'm sharing these cute emoticons for my cute readers~
Feel free to use it ^^
Click to see more emoticons~

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Google Reader is shutting down: FOLLOW ME ON BLOGLOVIN

yeah so.. they said Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st..
you can follow my blog in bloglovin HERE  or you can find on my sidebar, its in 'contact me' section
Or you can import your favorite blogs to bloglovin HERE

so.. I have a question if anyone can answer.
The google reader and google friend connect are same or not?
so Is it mean that if google reader is shutting down so I will lost my gfc followers?
Cause I dont want.. -,-..

PS: If you follow me on bloglovin or gfc. I always follow back as long as I know the link to it.
I love read people blogs and follow to support each other. I ALWAYS follow back but some people didnt want to play fair.. they visit and said that they already follow but I checked and they didnt.. or they asked to follow each other and I follow them but they never come back to follow me....
No matter how great your blog is.. I dont like a liar. So I will unfollow you right away..

The Petition to keep google reader running

ok so to anyone who read this. HAVE A NICE DAY!!

so some people said that the GFC and google readers is not the same.
It means your GFC wont be remove. but we arent sure yet. so it will be good if you also follow each other on g+ or bloglovin ;)

UPDATE again:
Looks like they will delete the GFC because Theres no gfc button anymore.. Too sad because I have 1000 followers already and I have to star all over again =.=' google you are annoying! >_>

Follow me. leave comment. I will follow you back :D

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cute Emoticons


⌒⌒ ------------------------->  Smile
^_^ -------------------------> Smile
^0^ -------------------------> Happy
*^^* -----------------------> Happy and Blushing
^.~ -------------------------> Winking
^ε^ ------------------------> Happy and Kiss
^▽^ ----------------------> Very Happy
~_~ -----------------------> Annoying and Lazy
(/^^)/ --------------------> Happy with the hand over
↖(^▽^)↗--------------> very happy with the hand arms up
(~^^)~ ------------------> Happy with the hand dancing
s( ̄▽ ̄)/ -------------> Being Arrogant
*♥o♥* ---------------> In love and Blushing
(/^o^)/♡ -------------> Very happy with the hand give some love
(づ^.^)づ~♡ ----------> Happy with the hand send some love
*⌒З^)^.⌒*) ----------> Boy and Girl are kissing
o(T^T)o ----------------> Cry with the hand moving
(∏.∏) ----------------> Very sad and Crying
⊙⊙ㆀ ---------------> Shock
-_-a ----------------------> thinking with the hand scratch at the right
s(` o´)y ---------------> Angry and Challenge
(-ヘㅡメ)凸 -----------> Sullen and give middle finger <= LOL my fav xD


(^0^) -------------------->  happy
(*^_^*) --------------> shy and blushing but happy
(;_;) ----------------------> sad and crying
(T_T) --------------------> crying and the tear drips
(ToT) --------------------> crying out loud
(>_<) -----------------> convince
(¬_¬) -----------------> suspicious
(‘_^) ---------------------> winking
(`ε´) ----------------------> angry mad at
(`Λ´) ------------------> very angry
0(`Λ´#)0 --------------> very angry with the hands waving and seeing the veins
(`ω´#) ----------------> still angry, but more like lover type anger
(^_^;) ----------------> sweating
(~.~;) --------------------> sweating relief
f^_^; ----------------> sweating, with the handkerchief on the right side
(;-_-)=3 -------------> sign of relief
(*_*) -------------------> blur surprised
(?_?) ----------------> what?
(~.~) zzZ ------------> sleepy
v(^_^)v -------------> victory!
(ρ . -) ----------------> sleepy, with one hand rubbing the eye

Like for update ^^

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and Mini Cute Icons

Poupee new year

Happy New Year All :D What are you doing to celebratete?
Me.. I'm just watching Angelina Jolie movie on TV lol and Playing game. ofc eating many snacks xD
I was so down today because I was thinking that I didn't do enough this year. I was feeling that Im just wasting my time -,-.. So then I felt very sad -,-.. and started to write diary lol and write about what I did this year. After I done write.. I realize I actually did alot :D I learn many things and did good things and became a better person. So I am happy! Thank God. 
here mini icons for you~ 
Enjoy your Holiday \m/
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