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Monday, October 16, 2017



My TOP 5 MANGA  - Okey so I love manga ever since I was little. My first manga was this horror manga I bought when I was in 4 grade I think. Just because the manga book give me free candy bar. This little me loves everything free since looong time ago.. Candy taste real bad thought, gave me nightmare enough cause I still remember the taste till now.. taste like taxi car's smell mix with orange smell and and all the smell you mix into a candy.. okey if you know what I meant..
I love my first manga. The story was good for real!! Real horror!! Real scary o_O .. the title was something like 'alone in the dark' or.. what..? I can't remember, I tried searching but no result >.< I couldn't find!! why!!!

Move on.. so ever since then, I bought a lot of mangas. And then since right now, I'm a working woman and making some money, I bought a lot more than I used to haha. I didn't say I am an otaku ( I am not in that awesome level of love) but I do love manga ALOT!

And here is my favorite :D I don't rank it, okey! I show you some good shit :D May help someone out there who's looking for good manga but don't know where to start haha

Friday, August 4, 2017

Does Sasuke Love Sakura? (NARUTO MANGA)

WHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read manga since I was little, now I am a 25 years young girl LOL so I don't read manga that much, only some in LINE WEBTOON. I have a lot of manga books and Naruto is one of my favorite among many mangas that I've read :D Omg I was soooooo young when I first read it. I grew up with it whahaha.

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