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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fashion: Leopard Print - Love Maykool

leopard dress

Fashion: Leopard Print - Love Maykool - So finally, I wore a leopard print outfit hahaha. I'm a big fan of leopard print. Just leopard. I'm not a fan of other animal print like zebra print or tiger print, etc. I just love leopard~ 
So I got this dress from MAYKOOL is a chinese online store, they sell goods worldwide with lower price and good quality ^_^  Read more to see detail product and how I style ^_^ 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Style Fashion: The High Low Skirt

Persunmall high low skirt

Style Fashion: The Skirt. The main focus is the skirt in this post. The high low outfits was a big trend on this summer. I guess everyone wearing it, including me hahaha. I love this kind of skirt or dress cause of the unique style :) Also I can wear this on my everyday outfit ^_^  I got this high-low skirt from Persunmall and I combination it with Cropped top from Chicnova.

Anyways, I jump from this conversation to this conversation about Wedding and Prom~!! I just want to help xD.. Don’t Know How to Pick up a Wedding Dress? Persun--Professional Store helps U. and and and Are you Ready for Prom 2013? New Launch, Absolutely Amazing Party Dresses in PERSUN.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Koleksi Terbaru Luch Luch Craft - Gantungan Binatang Lucu

Koleksi Terbaru Luch Luch Craft - Gantungan Binatang Lucu

 Luch Luch Craft sekarang mengeluarkan koleksi terbaru yaitu Gantungan Binatang Lucu. Luch Luch Craft Gantungan Binatang Lucu ini menjual 8 binatang lucu yang siap jadi milik kalian. Terdiri dari binatang lebah, kelinci, sapi, beruang, babi, panda, singa dan kepik. Gantungan binatang lucu ini bisa dijadikan gantungan handphone, gantungan kunci, gantungan tas, terserah yang kamu suka. Gantungan binatang ini dibuat 100% handmade buatan tangan dan terbuat dari kain flanel, benang dan dakron berkualitas.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Luch Luch Craft

luch luch craft

Luch Luch Craft collection kebanyakan berupa gantungan kunci, hp, dll :)
Dengan warna rainbow yang menjadi ciri khas Luch Luch Craft ;)
Sekarang belanja aneka craft 100% handmade di Luch Luch Craft jadi jauh lebih murah loh ;)
Coba di check aja koleksi Luch Luch Craft

1. Tempat Jarum Pentul (DI SINI)

tempat jarum pentul handmade

2. Cupcake (DI SINI)

Luch Luch Craft gantungan kunci

3. Gantungan Cupcake (DI SINI)

gantungan kunci cupcake

Atau Like Facebook Luch Luch Craft untuk dapet update diskon dan sebagainya :)
Ayo belanja gantungan kunci handmade spesial untuk kamu ;)

Out of Three. Which one is your favorite? :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jual Gantungan Kunci Cupcake

Jual gantungan kunci cupcake buah

This is not tutorial xD I'm selling this cupcake keychain for Indonesian resident only ^^

Koleksi terbaru dari Luch Luch Craft ^^
Cupcake Buah 
Cupcake buah ini terbuat dari kain flanel 100% dan handmade by me ^^

Yuk di check ^^

Cupcake Semangka 
Bisa didapatkan DI SINI
Jual gantungan kunci cupcake buah semangka
cupcake semangka memakai bando potongan semangka, daun dan heart

Cupcake Jeruk
Bisa didapatkan DI SINI
Jual gantungan kunci cupcake buah jeruk
cupcake jeruk dengan bando pohon, buah jeruk beserta daun dan many hearts 

Cupcake Strawberry
Bisa didapatkan DI SINI
Jual gantungan kunci cupcake buah strawberry
tentu aja dengan bando strawberry dan heart <3

Cupcake Lemon
Bisa didapatkan DI SINI
Jual gantungan kunci cupcake buah lemon
cupcake lemon dengan bando buah lemon, buah jeruk beserta daun dan awan polkadot

Cupcake Kiwi
Bisa didapatkan DI SINI
Jual gantungan kunci cupcake buah kiwi
ini favorite aku ^^ 
bando Kiwi, Daun, dan Batang 

Friday, March 1, 2013


cupcake flanel

I'm selling them!! But.. Indonesian Only..

Jadi aku jual nih 4 cupcakes lucu-lucu handmade buatan aku sendiri ^^
Yuk di lihat satu-satu~

1. Ribbon Cupcake
Bisa kalian dapatkan DI SINI
rainbow cupcake flanel

jual rianbow cupcake flanel

2. Rainbow cupcake
Bisa kalian dapatkan DI SINI
rainbow cupcake jual

murah rainbow cupcake jual

3. Rainbow Head 
Bisa kalian dapatkan DI SINI
rainbow cupcake jual

rainbow cupcake bun head

4. Ice Cream Cupcake
Bisa kalian dapatkan DI SINI
ice cream cupcake jual
ice cream cupcake flannel jual

Saturday, February 2, 2013

JAUL: Tempat Jarum Pentul Handmade

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ^^
My post is about... this cute little things!! 
I'm selling this to you all~!!! Wait it's not for you all.. :(
It's Indonesia only ╯.╰
so I will write in Bahasa ( Translator on the left => 

Kalian tau nggak sih ini apaan? Siapa yang tau??????? 
Kalau nggak tau aku jelasin ya supaya jelas las las
Ini aku jadiin tempat jarum pentul. Jadi aman dan enak di pandang. iya nggak?
misalnya ya...
 kalian butuh untuk tempat jarum pentul/peniti untuk kerudung kalian, kalian bisa taruh di sini deh dan di bawa kemana pun ;)
macam-macem deh~

Bantalan yang tebal. Jadi nggak akan melukaimu ;)

Kayak gini kalau dikasih jarum pentul ^^ aman~

Bisa kalian dapatkan DI SINI

Sunday, January 27, 2013

My New Banner Made By Icha Lakawa aka BunnyAwn!

Luch Luch Craft

If you haven't notice yet. I HAVE NEW BANNER PICTURE!!
and I love it so much!! It's just so me!!
well it's not like I always have 3 balloons and yellow teeth or childish hair style lol 
NO! but the color and the girl. It's just so me :)

The picture here It's made by Icha Lakawa aka BunnyAwn.
She's creating and drawing this girl. Isn't it cool? It's so neat and pretty colors.
Well, It's not because she's my sister and so I only talk good things. NO!
But you do agree that it's so SUPER DUPER CUTE, right? :)

Check some of her works

                              Luch Luch Craft photo penting21_zpseee71794.png

 ANIMATED GIF. What do you think??
For more pictures.
I wish she post more picture. She make many picture, she just didnt show it yet..


She will make it for you, guys. Just tell her what do you want. She'll definitely make it for you.

Did you  already check her blog? Do you like her template?
She's making it by herself!!
That was not the first time she's making blog template

blog wallpaper

This is the first blog template she make and she posted  it in
And it's already become "SKIN OF THE DAY" which means it's the best skin!
You can download for free HERE
Simply click "blogger main"
anyways that blog template was born 2 years ago. So it's old. She make many templates already. Too bad I counldn't show you because she delete -_-' and now it's just "CODE"

If you want her to make you a blog template and banner or any pictures


Ok so now.. 
I have facebook fan page! YAY!
Please click "LIKE" for me ;)
Thank you! see you in next post~
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