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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Where to buy Clip Hair Extensions - CC Hair Extensions

Where to buy Clip Hair Extensions - CC Hair Extensions

Hi beauties ^^ How are you? It's raining everyday here and one of my kitten finally found a new home, So I am pretty happy today \m/ yaaay~!!!

Today I wanna share to you all about one of the beauty product that makes your life easy~ Clip hair extensions~!! 

Okey for you who don't know.. you can see the picture above, clip hair extensions is a hair extension with a clip.
Clip hair extensions is best for you who wants to have longer and beautiful bushy hair in no time. I recommend one online shop who sell cheap clip in hair extensions online - The CC Hair Extensions -

Friday, January 31, 2014

Fashion: Wig -

Korean hair style 2014

Fashion: Wig - - yellow yellow ^_^ Have you read my previous post about 'the 2013 hair trend' - here? One of my favorite hair style there is the big hair curl. I really am in love with that style and since I can't get that style to my own hair hahaha So I got a wig from Everbuying . It's so cheap, only $14.69 include shipping fee mee~hee. So.. Do I look like Kpop star? bahahaha.
Read more for review ~

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Beauty: Hair Trend - Fall 2013 -

IU new hair 2014

Beauty: Hair Trend - Fall 2013 - - Last week, My sister cut her hair. She wanted her hair to look like the famous Korean pop singer, IU. You know, IU changed her hair style lately. It became short and cute. Good thing, My sister look great on it hahaha.
I myself want to change my hair style cause my hair looks same for years.. blaaa.. I need some inspiration~ maybe, something that is in trend right now xD but the most important is, It need to suit my big face lol.
OKok checky checky my fall hair trend 2013~

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