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Thursday, July 9, 2015


So the banggood giveaway is finally over and there are 2 winners. Pick randomly by the widget. The winners are JESS P. and RACHEL B. Congartulation!!!
Thank you for BANGGOOD who make the giveaway happened. Also thank you to the participants. Dont be sad if you are not win. I'll have more giveaway later~

Thursday, June 25, 2015

BANGGOOD GIVEAWAY : Win Your Favorite Women's Top

BANGGOOD GIVEAWAY : Win Your Favorite Woman's Top

Hi ^^ Me and new giveaway!!!! The giveaway from Banggood @
Banggood is an online store where you can find alot of things. Clothings for women and men, also jewelry, watch, etc. And not only that the banggood also sell computer, beauty product, well many many things. Well basically you can find almost all you need I guess. They even sell pet supplies hahaha I'll looking something that my cat might likes it :P Like this one..Artificial Lion Mane Wig Halloween Costume
cats halloween costume
LOL My cat might not likes it but I love it hahahah wtf it's superr cutee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *passed out in the corner of the room cause imagined my cats wearing it... lol
Anyways, if maybe you are interest too, you can find it here

Banggood shipping worldwide and they have FREE standart SHIPPING for some products which is a.w.e.s.o.m.e cause I am sure most of you and also me dont really like to pay for shipping lol..
But what I like about banggood is their price is so cheap and it's with free shipping... *i'm going shopping now..

Okey.. That's it. Too much talk is not good lah yeah. So Let's talk about the giveaway..
3. THE GIVEAWAY WILL BE VALID WHEN IT REACH 50 PARTICIPANTS. So make sure yeahh to spread the news hahaha

a Rafflecopter giveaway

you can find it in this link HERE this will be your prize if you win this giveaway

Okey, GOOD LUCK!! hopefully you will be the winner ^^ Hahaha.
** anyways, if you are not participant. please do not leave a comment here. because your comment wont be publish and will be delete (_ _) sorry..

Monday, March 17, 2014

MissLie-Collection x Luch Luch Craft GIVEAWAY WINNER

Helloooooo udah tanggal 17. Berarti giveawaynya udah selesai kemarin ya~^^Waktunya mengumumkan siapa pemenangny.

First, Thanks to yang udah sponsorin giveawaynya. Misslie-collection ini jual berbagai produck kosmetik, skin care online. FYI, harga di website Misslie-collection itu sudah lebih murah 40%-50% loh~ Contohnya harga Etude house bright fit bb cream di mall 450rb, di missliee 195rb :) Plus barangnya terjamin original. Nggak palsu. Karna udah aku coba sendiri. ^_^v
Review ku
Tony Moly Cat Chu Tint DISINI 
Missha M perfect cover DISINI
- Dr Chuk Chuk Peeling Care DISINI
- Mei Linda Perfect Strom Eyeliner DISINI

Sunday, February 16, 2014

GIVEAWAY: MissLie-Collection X Luch Luch Craft


Hippo~!! Aku mengadakan giveaway lagi nih. Sekarang berkollaborasi dengan Misslie-Collection. Miss Lie Collection adalah online store yang menjual berbagai skin care, make up, etc dari berbagai brand. Aku pernah buat review produk dari Miss Lie Collection, Tony Moly Cat Chu Tint DISINI dan Missha M perfect cover DISINI plus tutorial make up DISINI
Nah giveaway dari MissLie-Collection x Luch Luch Craft ini berlangsung selama 30 hari ya. Jadi kamu bisa ajak nenekmu, ibumu, adik-kakakmu, tetanggamu, temenmu, pacarmu buat ikutan giveaway ini. Kan nanti hadiahnya bisa bagi-bagi tuh hahaha
Emang apa sih hadiahnya?  Nah nantinya akan di pilih 2 pemenang. Pemenang utama akan mendapatkan 1 buah mobil, pajak ditanggung pemenang hahaha kidding~ Pemenang utama akan  mendapatkan... nah baca terus sampai akhir ya~ hadiah, rules,dll nya okey~

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chicnova x Luch Luch Craft Giveaway Winner

Just quick post to  announce the Chicnova x Luch Luch Craft giveaway winner.. So I type down all the giveaway participant names along with their points in excel and then I choose random using the .. and the winner is...

so number 367 is...

so Georgyaaa is the winner!! CONGRATULATION~!!
with email address
Chicnova will contact you :D Congrats!

thank you for all the participants~!! I wish I can make you a winner too! but This is not my last giveaway. So See you in my next giveaway ;) Maybe you will be the winner ;D \m/

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY - Chicnova x Luch Luch Craft

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY - Chicnova x Luch Luch Craft

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY - Chicnova x Luch Luch Craft - I'm back again.. you know just in hours, we will say hii to the new year 2014. Am I right?? 2014, right? xD ok anyways, to celebrate the new year. Chicnova and I will give you $30 to $50 coupon which you can be use to shop on Chicnova~
You only need to enter it~ Easy rules. Just as usual, register, follow me and comment. easy right??

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


dressale christmas giveaway
Yellow~ Finally yeah.. after not posting for sometimes because I'm busy plus my laptop didn't work as it should be.. so I finally bought a new laptop fyuuuhh so now I can blog again!! bwhahaha  
Anyways, I'm back with Dressale giveaway. It is a Chrismast Giveaway wooott.. Hope you join even though, I'm pretty late xD

So first I need to introduce Dressale first.  is an online fashion clothing store providing a wide range of high quality customer-made wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses, shoes and other women clothing.  You can find all kinds of the dresses you need. The price is very reasonable for every dress, and we have flash sale, discount everyday. For more details you can come to their website.
READ MORE AND JOIN THE GIVEAWAY~!! 10 dress everyweek to their new fans~!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


dressale review

Yellow Hello sweety, I'm so happy to tell you that.. I HAVE NEW GIVEAWAY!! whahahahaha
and this time I'm collaborating with.. tralalalala Get More Save More at !! Some of you readers must know them since I make a post about them not long ago :) BUT BUT I will tell you again right now..

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mignon Mignon x Luch Luch Craft Giveaway WINNER

This is not going to be long post.. xD
First, Thank you to Mignon Mignon who sponsored this giveaway. I do love the store cause of their awesome jewelries *_* especially the necklace *_*.. for real.. trust me, they have nice jewelry collection..
Second, Thank you to all the participants. Too bad, I can only choose one winner. So Congrats to the winner and don't be sad if you aren't the winner, there is next time, you know. You can win next time~ I hope~
So The rafflecopter had choose and the winner is...


Congratulation Marija!! Me or Mignon Mignon will contact you by email, make sure you reply it to get your prize. Remember, you can only choose one, Scraft OR Sunglass :D Congrats!!

Thank you everyone. I love youuuuuuu :*

Friday, September 13, 2013

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Mignon Mignon x Luch Luch Craft

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Mignon Mignon x Luch Luch Craft

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Mignon Mignon x Luch Luch Craft ^_^ In colaboration with Mignon Mignon . Luch Luch Craft held new giveaway where you can win Baroque Sunglasess that is in trend right now xD Or you can get Scraft from Mignon Mignon. Just choose which one do you like~ You can get in any color you want. Shipping is free! So no need to worry

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lotus Blossom Design Winner

Thank you all participants :) and So the winner is..
 congrats Andrea B ^_^
I will contact you later since I couldn't open the rafflecopter.. but if you see this, you can contact me at with the email you use to registered at Lotus Design Blossom

Thank you all. love you <3

all the participants who enetered the giveaway and unfollow me after the giveaway end. will be banned in future giveaway.. I watch

Friday, August 16, 2013


Thanks alot for all the participants Lo lol ve youu.. so because my fingers too tired to type since I just done decorated 10 cakes.. so to the point. the winner are.. 

Ye he congrats both of you :D imomoi will contact you ^_^.. or maybe already contact you lol
you still can join Lotus Design Blossom giveaway, find on my sidebar =>
Good luck love..

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Luch Luch Craft x Efoxcity WINNER

The INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Luch Luch Craft X Efoxcity is finally over :) Thank you to ALL PARTICIPANT who joined the giveaway and thank you to Efoxcity who sponsored the giveaway :) 
I have a winner now, I picked randomly  using rafflecopter. And the winner is ToTylkoJa. Congrats :) I will email you soon. Don't forget to reply ;)

Luch Luch Craft x Efoxcity WINNER
I still have giveaway from Imomoi, end tomorrow and Lotus Design Blossom giveaway win $50 gift card :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Lotus Blossom Design x Luch Luch Craft

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Lotus Blossom Design x Luch Luch Craft

Hi, I have another giveaway for lovely readers :) The giveaway is sponsored by Lotus Blossom Design
Lotus Blossom Design is an online store who sell beautiful handmade jewelry. This online store was created by two sisters. You can find exclusive necklaces, bracelets, earrings well made with afforable price! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Efoxcity Order Review New Bracelet + Efoxcity Giveaway

Efoxcity Order Review New Bracelet

Yello Hello, Lately I'm so into this cat group in facebook. I share many photos of my cats there.. and it's addicting lol Even now as I write this post, my mind is thinking about the cat group and how many 'thumbs up' do I get for photos I post lol. I even didn't blog yesterday, I wonder if anyone missed me? hehehe

Ok so back to the main subject,  I'm thinking that me and you already know the Efoxcity, No? 
Efoxcity is an online store where you can find womens clothing, mens clothing, or even affordable wedding dresses. I actually already make few posts about the Efoxcity where you can check here, here, here
And this cute lizard bracelet is actually my second order from them :) You can check the first review, where I ordered a necklace :) Efoxcity Necklace order review (X-large the photos is possible)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To Enter A Giveaway / Cara Ikutan Giveaway

How To Enter A Giveaway / Cara Ikutan Giveaway

So I had many giveaways and I realized that some of you don't know how to enter a giveaway or still confuse with the rules the giveaway holder gave. So then you might do it wrongly which can make you disqualificated... or maybe you just decided not to enter the giveaway cause you simply don't understand with the rules. It's actually quite easy to enter a giveaway and I'm here to explain to you :)

Jadi aku sudah pernah ngadain lumayan banyak giveaway atau yang biasa di singkat GA dan ternyata aku baru menyadari kalau banyak di antara kalian masih nggak tau atau bingung sama aturan-aturan giveaway yang diberikan sama empunya giveaway.. Jadi mungkin nih kamu ikutan, ngisinya asal-asalan karena nggak ngerti aturannya, akhirnya kamu ngelakuinnya salah eh terus kamu bisa di diskualifikasi dari giveawaynya :( atau mungkin kamu malah malas ikutan giveaway padahal kamu pingin banget menangin hadiahnya, cuman gara-gara nggak ngerti gimana caranya ikutan terus kesempatan menang melayang.. Sebenarnya ya, aturan yang di berikan itu mudah loh makanya aku sekarang mau jelasin sama kalian satu persatu..

Saturday, July 20, 2013


It's me.. again xD So I have a happy news but I think you already know by looking at the title xD
I have new giveaway *tralalala* It's sponsored by Efoxcity
You do know the Efoxcity right ;) After I make many reviews about them. In my Efoxcity review part 1, Efoxcity review part 2, Efoxcity review part 3 and also I have the efoxcity jewelry and alreaedy tried it on, you can see in my blog Efoxcity order review to see the quality of their jewelry and ship ;) 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Persunmall July Giveaway Winners

Hello, First, Thank you very much for entered the Persunmall giveaway :) Many many thank to you all :D
So there are 246 people entered the giveaway but only 165 valid registered emails. Which means 81 people couldn't count their participants in this giveaway :( I'm sorry.. Thank you very much for spend your time >.<..
So since there are 165 valid participants. It means there are 2 winners. and the winners are...
Mona solarride.rive****
Ullynuha Lakawa Ullylakaw****
Congratuliation!! The persunmall already contact your email. So please check.
For you who join Persunmall in other blogs. You might be the winners too.. Persunmall Giveaway Winners List

If you can't be the winner, PersunMall also prepared a gift for you, 20%off orders over $60, just use the coupon code PERSUN20%OFF after your order over $60.(Pls make sure you use it within a month, the valid time for this is only 30 days from 1st,July to 30th,July)

I have on going giveaway from imomoi. You can check it here. I personally invite you to join it. You might be the lucky winner ;) Who knows~
Join My giveway ^_^ Click on the picture below :)
imomoi x Luch Luch Craft Giveaway
Follow on Bloglovin

Saturday, July 13, 2013


With collaboration with imomoi I am having a new giveaway for you cute lady to win one of the clothes in the photo above! Before I tell you the giveaway rules, I think I should tell you about imomoi. Girl, do you know that imomoi is a complete online shop. You can find lovely dresses to cute accesories :D what about you browse at imomoi now and find your favorite! Shop here

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hi, Thank you for everyone who joined my june persunmall giveaway 
Now I have new giveaway from for you~!
You can win one of the clothes as you can see in the photo above :)
For rules.. Read more
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