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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


KOLEKSI FOTO MASAKAN RUMAH Part I - Kadang - kadang yaa.. yaaa kadang - kadang lah.. kadang - kadang banget pokoknya.. Aku masak.. hahahahahaha.. Nah kadang - kadang lagi itu makanan aku foto.. Terus fotonya aku kumpulkan jadi satu.. Dan terus sekarang fotonya aku upload di sini!! Hehehe

Sebenarnya sih kebanyakan masakan mama ku. Aku paling cuman masak 1-2 dari semua gambar ini. Tapi nggak apa-apa kan? Dari pada nggak bisa masak sama sekali :D

Tapi kali ini part 1 nya. Tentang Jelly hehe. Nanti menyusul makanan lainnya~

Friday, November 30, 2012

I love jelly. Do you? (and my birthday)

I love jelly. It's like part of my life. I can eat jelly before meal or after meal but thats normal. well I can also eat jelly during my meal time. Like today I ate fish, I dont really like fish but I have to eat it because its healthy ofc since I dont like it, I will chew one spoon for like 2 minutes plus I have hard time to swallow -,-'
This is the cool part, my bestfriend, JELLY, save my life, while I chew fish I chew jelly as well. So I have jelly on my left cheek and fish on my right cheek and chew it together. hahaha my sis have no idea how I can do it. She said its gross lol whatever.

anyways, I want to show you. Some of my jelly. Be ready~

cute jelly for birthday
This is Jelly that I make for my mom birthday! She's 46 this year xD but she wasnt sure if she's 46 or 45lol
I like the colors. It's vanilla orea and chocolate jelly. I mix the orea inside vanilla so thats why it looks like that :) I tell you yeah.. this taste really great!! it was gone in few hours.

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