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Friday, July 22, 2016

FOOD: My Favorite BakPao - WEIWANG

FOOD: My Favorite BakPao - WEIWANG

FOOD: My Favorite BakPao - WEIWANG - First, it is NOT an advertising product yeah. I simply L.O.V.E this product whhahahaha~!!!!!
This is a frozen bakpao or maybe you know it as Bou? Pow?
Anyways.. Ini sumpah lama banget nggak ke posting (buktinya itu tulisannya masih Tapi finally hadir untuk menyemarakkan blog Luch Luch Craft aku yang mungkin sekarang jadi Luch Luch Snack..

Minipao ini.. sumpah siapapun yang punya ide ini, KAMU PINTER BANGET!!
Jadi kalau pingin makan bakpao, nggak usah lah ke luar cari toko bakpao terdekat... atau nggak usah lah nungguin pak bakpao keliling dateng tiap hari senin/sabtu..
Kalau bapkao mu kebesaran dan terus nggak habis.. yang pada akhirnya jadi bapkao kering nggak bisa dimakan..OMG GUYSSS, nih wei wang bapkao kecil banget, jadi pasti lah bakpoa-mu habis (yang nggak habis keterlaluan banget kamu,,, sok diet)

Thursday, June 23, 2016


easy homemade brownie

Well.. well.. well.. I own my own cakery shop. I proud of it because I have a lot of customers. But something you don't know maybe.. I can't make a cake.. any cakes.. whatsoever. Bwahahaha.. Well I plan to learn (someday).
I am an artist you know. I do art~ So I decorate the cakes, cause decorated cake have way more value than regular cake, right??

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Cats Birthday Pssstt~~ It's Actually My Mom Birthday

husband and wife cat
The day before birthday
if you follow me in my facebook, you probably know that I will post this xD My cats birtday!! Well.. actually it was moms birthday xD Well I will just tell you the actual story!! Fufu and Pino birthday was on June12th and Nebu birthday was on June 25th. We wanted actually celebrate the birthday on their birth date but.. My mom have another idea. She wants to celebrate their birthday together with her birthday on June 29th xD And Here we are now!

Kalau kamu follow aku di facebook pasti tau yaaa kalau hari ini aku mau nge-post tentang ulang tahun kucingku!! Ya sebenarnya sih ulang tahunnya mamaku xD Aku ceritain aja ya ceritanya.. Jadi ulang tahun Fufu sama Pino itu tanggal 12 Juni dan Ulang tahun Nebu tanggal 25 Juni.  Sebenarnya sih kita mau ngerayain ultah mereka di tanggal lahirnya mereka tapi si mama punya ide lain, dia mau ngerayain ultah mereka bareng ultah mama, tanggal 29 Juni xD

Monday, May 6, 2013

Way to Decorate your Donut

 yummy donut

You can just eat this plan donuts cause it is already yummy or..
 you have some fun by decorate them with some sugar, sprinkles, cheese and buttercream! 
and I will show you on how I do it in MY WAY

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Birthday Cakes Decoration

birthday cake decoration

So I'm in love with cake decorating but I'm not a pro for sure xD 
I'm still learning and maybe will take class to learn ^^
anyways, I will show you some of my cake~ 
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