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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Banggood Wishlist 2015 ^^v CAT WISHLIST meowwww

Bangood Wishlist 2015 ^^v

Banggood Wishlist 2015 ^^v CAT WISHLIST meowwww - Hi!! Remember my Banggood giveaway here or the Bangood product that I tried here . Well Well For you who don't know. Banggood is an online store who sell many things such as beauty product, clothing, electronic and many more ^^ well you check it

Anyways here's my wishlist in Bangood which contains many cat stuff.. hahaha

Friday, November 29, 2013

Beautiful Collection in - Bday Wishlist

Beautiful Collection in - Bday Wishlist

Persunmall Wishlist and My birthday - Hi hahaha so I want to tell you something that some of you know and some of you didn’t know..
I’m 22 years old since  4 days ago xD yeah It was my birthday on November 25th .. nothing happen that day except I got a lot presents hahahahaha. I told family, I don’t want we celebrate it, just give me the gift! xD  and they did.. so.. hmm.. I just realize now. I don't take any picture that day O_O.. bwhahaha oh well..

So Since I had birthday few days ago. I think I need to make wishlist. It's not too late, right? xD
I want to make birthday wishlist from Persunmall ~ Fell free to check what's on my wishlist or maybe you want to give me as a gift too~ hahaha 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Choies Summer Wishlist

Summer Summer Summer Summer. I love summer with beautiful blue sky, hot sunny day, all my clothes laundry are dry , don't have to worry if my cat sand not dry , and on top of the list, reason why I love summer, we can wear short cute outfit \m/ and the sentence I really want to say since a week ago.. I want to go shopping!!!!!!  We know shopping needs money but I don't want to spend my money so easily like if I see a box of chocolate I ate it in 30 minutes..
So then I'm making my summer wishlist so you will know what I want ;) and buy me some of it as my blog birthday lol kidding. 
Anyways,  my choice goes to Choies. Simply because Choies have many cute dresses and different collection than other shops >.< and you know what.. They have bikini sale at Choies~ I don't wear bikini. Just let you know they have sale xD
Choies Summer WishlistChoies Summer WishlistChoies Summer Wishlist
Click on the link below if you want it too :)
dress - shoes - bag

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