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Saturday, November 19, 2016

FASHION: In Love With Paris

Gaya anak muda jaman sekarang

FASHION: In Love With Paris - Halloo Halloo?? How are you fellas? I hope you are doing great! OKeyy!! So it's raining season already in Indonesia and I am sure winter in some part of the earth cause christmas is coming!! But even thought, I said it's raining season, the weather is really confusing.. sometimes raining all day.. sometimes soooo hot like WTF.. yeah weather please make up your mind.. hahaha.

But but let's we remember when it's summer. I would like to go walking around dressing so cool like that     ↑ . Showing people that I love PAARRIIISSS but I am not really bcause I actually love my own country Indonesia but whatever ya

Thursday, November 17, 2016

CLASTUDIO - Baju Coklat Feminim Untuk Kerja

CLASTUDIO - Baju Coklat Feminim Untuk Kerja

CLASTUDIO - Baju Coklat Feminim Untuk Kerja - Halo semua :) Apa kabarnya? Sudah lama yaa aku nggak nge-blog soalnya biasanya yang buat postingan adik aku hihihi.. IYA blog ini sekarang berkolaborasi sama adik aku ICHA and ULLY LAKAWA hihihi ;) Di karenakan kesibukan kerja dengan jadwal yang tidak pasti.. akhirnya blog ini bakal di tulis bersama-sama dengan adik-adik ku supaya nggak mati suri gitu hehehe..

OKOK enough talking about it yaaa.. sekarang harus ngomongin tentang FASHION! 
Fashion kali ini bakal perkenalkan brand yang kapan hari sudah pernah aku review, yaitu CLASTUDIO~! baca lebih lanjut yukk~ 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fashion: Elegant Black Casual Outfit Style review

Fashion: Elegant Black Casual Outfit Style - Hi~! It's me Inge Lakawa using my sister, Ully Lakawa as the model for today's fashion blog post!! 
You know, black is everyone favorite color, yes or no? Black outfit can looked mysterious yet elegant and sexy. With the new 's top with beautiful ruffles sleeve. 
Check more pictures ;)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fashion: Get Autumn Fashion with Mart of China

Fashion: Get Autumn Fashion with Mart of China

Fashion: Get Autumn Fashion with Mart of China - ok first bwhahahaha, I don't usually pose like that but whahahahaha well I look sexy hahaha. Also my cat, Fufu, she's there in every pic, I told her to move but look~ she pose with me whahahaha ok what a cute cat.
Anyways, What's so cool about today's fashion post?? what what.. I can't hear you.... --- OK I will just tell you. It's my pink blazer from - Fashion women's shoes clothes handbags onsale Worldwide Delivery No Ninimum Order! - tralalala.. Martofchina is a reliable online shopping mall,Which is located in Shanghai, China. Providing a wide range of high quality trendy fashion wholesale clothing and cheap shoes online at a factory price and the best service to customers all over the world.. 
Continue read to know the exact link on where you can get the pink blazer I wore~

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Love Rings and Tings

Love Rings and Tings

Love Rings and Tings - OK girls.. who don't know Ring & Tings? They are quite famous with their jewelry collections, rite?~ ^_^ and I got a bracelet, ring and necklace from them. It has unique design. My favorite is the necklace, with eiffel tower. Check how I style it~

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fashion: Alice in Wonderland

Fashion: Alice in Wonderland

Fashion: Alice in Wonderland - Why did I say Alice in Wonderland? xD because the rabbit in the tshirt looks kind of like Alice in wonderland rabbit hahaha. So I got the tshirt from Udobuy
Oh and in this post I'm going to show you the wig I review last month HERE.  I'm going to show you my full body picture when I'm wearing the wig. Will it still look good? hahaha

Monday, September 30, 2013

Fashion: Beautiful Flower Short - Love Wholesaleitonline

Fashion: Flower Short - Love Wholesaleitonline

Fashion: Beautiful Flower Short - Love - It's still Luch Luch Craft blog with Inge Lakawa. It's just in this post, I'm not the model hehehe. When the short was arrived, I realized I'm too fat for this short lol I make mistake and choose the wrong size hahaha.

So I'm featuring my sister, Icha Lakawa. She is a blog template designer in Toko Luch Luch Craft. I haven't uploud her blog designs yet but you can check other designs by her in HERE: Design

In todays post, She's wearing short from It's my favorite online store cause of their affordable products and nice service ^_^ I already make the post review before in here: Fashion Get This Look - Love Wholesaleitonline 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fashion: Get This Look - Love Wholesaleitonline

Fashion: Get This Look - Love Wholesaleitonline

Fashion: Get This Look - Love Wholesaleitonline - yeah girl, I was contacted by to do a blog review. I didn't know this online store before until she contacted me and when I visit the store.. I was like "Whaaa whaaaa whattt is this..? Is is is this heaven?" hahaha
Ok no joke, this is real.. If you don't believe me. Go check it yourself it won't hurt your ass anyways hahaha HERE: Find your most in-style look at

Fashion: Dapatkan Penampilan Ini - Wholesaleitonline - halo cewek cantik yang di sana (atau.. hmm.. cowok), jadi ceritanya gini nih. ini kontak aku, katanya pingin aku coba baju mereka terus di pos di blog yaaa.. Aku sebelumnya sumpah nggak tau kalau ada ini online store, jadi waktu aku cek ke TKP, aku langsung, "Haaahh Opo iki cek murah e O_O" hehehe salah ya, aku waktu itu langsung "Whaaa whaaaa whattt is this..? Is is is this heaven?" wkwkwkwk gayaku langsung pakai bahasa inggris xD
Tapi beneran deh, ciyus aku. Kalau nggak percaya ya, kamu bisa cek ke tokonya sendiri, DISINI -> Find your most in-style look at

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fashion 2013: Chiffon Lace - My New Blog Name

Fashion 2013: Chiffon Lace

Aw aw aw I forgot to tell you here, that I bought my own domain name so It was and now it's tralalalala.

Yeee heeeee Aku lupa nih bilang sama kamu kalau aku beli nama domain blogku sendiri. Jadi sebelumnya kan nah sekarang ini jadi tralalalala. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cutest Top - Embroidery Lace Love - LOVE review

Have you read my post before this one? I show you my beautiful dress from Pretty Fantastic : The Latest Fashion Clothing Online Shop | CICHIC So other than the dress, I got myself this beautiful apricot lace embroidery long top >.<
When I first looking at it in Cichic, I was already fall in love with this beautiful top but you do know online shop, right? What it shown in the web and the reality isn't 100% same :( So then when it arrived I was pretty exciting and wish it will look just like the photo that it shown in the web. I opened the package and O_O.. omg you beauty, you just look like the way I imagine you~

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School with Chicnova

Chicnova Order Review ~ Cute bag and Mustache T-shirt

LOL Since I don't go to school anymore plus I wore uniform when I was still study in the school, so I don't know what exactly you usually wear.. lol I think you might need bigger bag..? or you don't want to wear too sexy clothes cause you are going to study, not going to meet your boyfriend..? or maybe you don't wear too much make up, cause it's school not your friend party..? lol Oh well.. but you will wear sneaker, right? right?? ok This one I think I'm right xD.. But I will wear this when I hang out with my friend and go to mall :D But but if you don't find this as your back to school style. Chicnova offer you Back to School products

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What I Love Now~

Thboxes gift

YAY got my package again!! It's from Thank you ^^
I got a shirt from them and I love it. Plus it arrive faster than the last one. I order on February 18th and They arrived on March 11st. Pretty fast ^^ Read more to see how I style it :)
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