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Monday, February 25, 2019

Bodycon Dress and Women's Outwear -

Hey guys 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》How are you doing? It's Ully Lakawa doing allright here~
Lately, I've been loving the bodycon dress. What is bodycon dress?
It's a dress that will look good on your body when you put it . Because It follow your body line. and it will complement your body shape very beautifully ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

I don't really have a good shape T.T I use to have zero conffident to wear bodycon dresses also.( ̄□ ̄;)Back then I just can admire someone who wears those beautiful dress. But, right now I love these kind of dresses. You know~~ I just need to build my confidence and just wear these beauty~

and I found some really good bodycon dresses online from and will share to you some of my favorite bodycon dress that I find in this website o(≧∇≦o)

Let's take a look okay
and maybe just maybe ,my top 5 bodycon dress will be your favorite too O(≧▽≦)O
Let's start from 5 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Best Elevator Shoes -

Hello dear reader~ Today's fashion post is about Elevator Shoes. This is something new for me because I don't shop for men. Let alone husband, I don't even have a boyfriend LOL. Anyway, Elevator shoes is like shoes that have thickened sections in the insoles so then the wearer will apper taller~ I guess it's just like women with high heels to make theirself more confidence. Men needs more confidence with the appearance too :D and makes the best Elevator shoes outthere~ :D

Monday, August 27, 2018

Ready For Autumn and Winter with FashionMia

Ready For Autumn and Winter with FashionMia

Hello dear reader, me again~ right now, my favorite snack is french fries but it has nothing to do with today's post hahaha. But if talking about favorite things to do, of course the answer would be SHOPPINGGG. And FashionMia is one of the online store site that I recommend you to check~ 
as for my favorite women's blouses. I will show you my top 6 from FashionMia :D

Monday, August 13, 2018

For You Who Love Shopping~

Hello dear reader!! How are you? I hope you are fine!! I miss my blog and want to blogging again in my free time ^_^ Also I lost just a little weight so I'm gonna show you all how not so fat I am!!!! huahuahuaha!! and as a girl, I am just like any other girls, we love shopping~! Right?! Am I right?! or Am I so right?? and shopping online is one of my favorite thing in the world. I've been shopping online alot this month. Mostly because right now I like this particular fashion style and it's hard to get cheaper price in an offline store huhu T^T.. I also follow some site that share information about discount, because just like other humanbeing, if there's same clothe in two stores, and the other one is cheaper, I am sure you are going to the cheaper one, right??!! hehehe and in 2018 Hasoffer Promo Code you and I can find very usuful information~~ Because I am nice just like that and like this. So I share what I know. Share=care haha

Friday, January 5, 2018



FASHION FOR ALL SEASON - - Recently I discover nice shopping site with nice collection, affordable price, and shipping worldwide of course!! ^^ It's the !!

and since it's new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR yeah!! I hope the year will be a great one for all of us! It's winter season now in some part of the world and of course it's raining season here in Indonesia. 2 days ago I heard really scary thunder lighting sound, woke me up from my sleeping beauty :(

So!! I think why not make a fashion list for all season. I mean you can buy summer outfit in this winter season so then when summer come, you'll be ready!!
Anyways this is some of my recommendation, of  course you can check more on their online store. I also share some of coupon, it's 30% OFF coupon. Make sure to check it out~!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fashion: Autumn Outwear from

Fashion: Autumn Outwear from

Fashion: Autumn Outwear from  - Looking good in autumn season is a must!! And wearing cute knitwear is another 'must to do' for fashion lover, yes? no? and I found this online shop where you can find those nice looking outerwear as I choose in picture above and there are many more to check :)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fashion Online Store: MUBRIDAL

Summer Knee-Length V-Neck Prom Sleeveless All Sizes Red A-line Dress (130640885)

Fashion Online Store: MUBRIDAL - hi! Long time no see you, I hope you are doing fine ^_^ So am I here. After busy moving house, finally I am back in my normal schedule. Sleep, eat, work, play with cats.. and ofc blogging!! 

Lately since I am uhmm not young.. aka older than before hahaha. I got many wedding invitations! ... but God when is it time for me to invite friends to my wedding? LOL..... Anyways, Sadly I don't have many formal dresses :(.. Well.. I want to look different in many wedding invitation that I attend you know~

and then I found this~

In this newest post, I want to introducing the online store that I found quite awesome with all the wedding and formal dresses, quite a lots you can choose ^_^

As shown above, my one of many favorite dresses that I can find in Mubridal. It's hard to choose thought hahaha, but since I love red and the dress is kind of look like Marilyn Monroe's phenomenal dress but in red so it will be my very first favorite formal dress. It would be sexy if I wear it!!! ... but before that I have to lose some pounds hahaha. 
The dress it self is for $140 AUD but in market price it is $351 AUD. WOAAHH nice!!! o_O

That is my favorite dress. But you can find many other cheap formal dresses Australia that you would like thought!

Others than formal dress.
Mubridal also sell wedding dresses. Wedding accessories, Bridesmaid dresses, and many others :)

Mubridal also offer free shipping items! Great, right?
and right now they are having 95%off and extra $14 off over $140 with CODE: Mubridal
Do not worry thought if you are reading this late, because I am sure Mubridal has many other SALE and DISCOUNT in the future ;)

See you in next post and Happy shopping. 
I hope you find this post helpful ;) 

Post by Inge Lakawa

Thursday, February 23, 2017

FASHION : Exotic wallets from FARBOD BARSUM

exotic bags Farbod Barsum

Hello everyone! how are you?
I hope you all well :) how was february ?
>Mine was good so far :D

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you do realised that I had many info about many  many fashion stores. Usually is online store with beauty fashion items. and I like to shared my opinion about many fashion shop that I knew. And hopefully it will help you find the right place to spend your time and money to buy a beauty fashion product with no regrets :D

Beverly hills boutiques

lately, I found this wonderful store . it's a store based on beverly hills in the U.S . this boutique is so gorgeous and beautiful. You can find alot of fabulous bags, clutches, accessories such as all of those type of wallet. the important part about this boutique is that they used a skins material.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

REVIEW ZAFUL: Sleeve Lace Spliced Dress

REVIEW ZAFUL: Sleeve Lace Spliced Dress

REVIEW ZAFUL: Sleeve Lace Spliced Dress - Hello How are you? I hope you are doing fine. Well.. I am doing fine as well if someone care. In fact I am too fine and become too fat as you can see in the picture whahaha. But even so, fat won't stop me from looking good in fashion right?? Got the dress from and in love when it arrived because first, it fit me just well!! and second, the lace on my arms looks so cuteee <3  

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

FASHION: Fall Season Outfits in EricDress

FASHION: Fall Season Outfits in EricDress

Hi dear, how's your day lately ? Did you already have a plan for holiday or vacation? It'll come soon than later. And I'm so excited! What I like about near the end of the year is not just because of holiday. But it's aso because there's alot of events being held, and alot of stores give an amazing offer and huge discount ! I already visit alot of shops and spend time looking for a lot of stuff, and lately, one of online store that I visited is EricDress - Link

FASHION: Fall Season Outfits in EricDress

you can find alot of nice outfit in there, and since there's alot of offer in the store which I found it satisfying :)

It's already fall season in some of country around the world. Though in my country there's no fall season, but let me imagine and  take a look of some cute and cool hoodies and coat  because even though there's no autumn or winter but it's rainy day in here XD  I make 3 theme list of favorite items I find there. Check this out :

Thursday, November 17, 2016

CLASTUDIO - Baju Coklat Feminim Untuk Kerja

CLASTUDIO - Baju Coklat Feminim Untuk Kerja

CLASTUDIO - Baju Coklat Feminim Untuk Kerja - Halo semua :) Apa kabarnya? Sudah lama yaa aku nggak nge-blog soalnya biasanya yang buat postingan adik aku hihihi.. IYA blog ini sekarang berkolaborasi sama adik aku ICHA and ULLY LAKAWA hihihi ;) Di karenakan kesibukan kerja dengan jadwal yang tidak pasti.. akhirnya blog ini bakal di tulis bersama-sama dengan adik-adik ku supaya nggak mati suri gitu hehehe..

OKOK enough talking about it yaaa.. sekarang harus ngomongin tentang FASHION! 
Fashion kali ini bakal perkenalkan brand yang kapan hari sudah pernah aku review, yaitu CLASTUDIO~! baca lebih lanjut yukk~ 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

FASHION: Make Outfit Of The Day with Apparel Candy

Hello! So I guess it’s been a really really long time that I’m not write anything in here.. I don’t want to feel like I am abandoned my precious blog but honestly, alot things to do with work and stuff makes me can’t spend much time to post or write something in my blog even thought there’s like a thousand things i want to write in here and share it with you. Really miss you all who kindly spend your time to visit and read my blog.

Speaking about sharing, if you check my previous blog, you will find how much I loved to buy clothes or stuff online. Since it’s alot easier nowadays and there's alot of stuff with a cheap price and even if it’s cheap the dresses and clothes or accessories have a good quality . one of the site that i found lately is Apparel Candy .
apparel candy, wholesale shopping, shopping, online shop, cheap online shop, lovely clothes, nice outfit

I like the way Apparel candy website looks  like. It is easy to find what we are looking with many options in the top of the website. Just put your mouse and scroll down. One of  the best thing is that it also have a sale option XD
You can find a chic, sexy , casual, sporty,maxi looks on this wholesale shopping. I’m surfing on this wholesale shop and I make a list of apparel that I want to buy. And it is all fancy.  I make a list appereance set try to mix and match XD and what do you think?..

Monday, June 20, 2016



FASHION SIMPLICITY - - Hallo :D Kemarin janji nya fashion post pas weekend tapi berhubung repot jadi nge-post yang sudah ready aja. Nah Balik lagi sama fashion post di hari senin ini kyaaaaa >3< Di post kali ini aku perkenalkan brand Indonesia baru CLA-STUDIO - . Ini brand punya teman aku.

Di buat pada tahun 2015. Nama CLA-STUDIO di ambil dari nama panjang si owner. Claracita~ Nama panggilannya Sara. Semua desain di Clastudio di desain oleh Sara sendiri loh. Sara ingin membuat desain baju sederhana, tapi nyaman di pakai, dan yang penting bertahan sepanjang zaman :D 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fashion Lebaran Islami -

Fashion Lebaran Islami -
Fashion Lebaran Islami - - Omg.. yang namanya Lebaran itu, pasti kumpul-kumpul sama keluarga kan, saling maaf maafan atas kesalahan yang dilakukan setahun lalu (eh habis maaf bikin salah lagi, kan nggak papa lebaran tahun depan kan di maafin lagi yeee)

Dan yang nggak lepas dari lebaran itu, pamer baju baru hahaha~!!! Ya kan tiap mau lebaran beli baju baru. Iya kan?? Nah terus masak nggak di pamerin!!! hahaha

Nah lebaran kali ini, rencananya aku mau bergaya muslimah gityu, biasanya nggak pakai kerudung hehehe. Mau-nya tahun ini lebaran pakai kerudung :D

Paling asik cek di online store yang khusus berjualan baju muslim. Untuk di jadikan wishlist gaya lebaran aku tahun ini.

Gaya fashion Idul Fitri yang aku pilih:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Perbedaan Cara Belanja Online Pria dan Wanita

Saya yang sedang berbelanja yang sekarang tambah gendut.. duh..
Hello semua ^^v Setelah bulan lalu nggak bikin artikel satu pun. Akhirnya kembali lagi di bulan Februari yang penuh cinta ini karena habis ini Valentine gitu lohhhh~ Di hari hari mendebarkan menuju the romantic day, saya akan membicarakan perbedaan cara belanja online kaum Pria dan kaum Wanita!

Sekarang kan sedang nge-trend tuh belanja online. Secara lebih simpel dan gampang gitu. Biar lagi tiduran di kasur. Lagi pup di toilet. Lagi gendong anak. Lagi pankas rumput. Lagi main sepak bola lah. Lagi ngapain aja, kapanpun dan dimanapun tetap bisa belanja.. asal punya kuota buat internetan ato lagi di tempat yang ada wifi gratis nya shopping bisa tetap berjalan.

Nah belanja online ini di gemari loh oleh para kaum hawa dan not surprisingly kaum adam juga karena cara berbelanjannya yang tidak pakai ribet. Nah sebagai owner online shop, saya lumayan hafal betul nih perbedaan ini hahaha.

Perbedaan yang paling menonjol. Wanita tuh cerewet. Kalau beli sesuatu pasti mintanya banyak banget, yang ini yang itu, yang detail nya bisa sepanjang kereta api shinkansen jurusan jepara @_@ pussinggg. Butuh conversation yang super panjang untuk akhirnya bisa deal dengan si customer wanita. Tapi saya sih memaklumi karena saya sendiri lumayan cerewet sewaktu berbelanja hahaha.

Saya sama adik-adik saya yang sebenarnya nggak terlalu cerewet sih :D
Sedangkan para lelaki lebih simpel lah, biasanya mereka lebih cepat memutuskan dan membayar hahaha. Pokoknya nggak pakai ribet. Tapi nggak semua pria seperti itu sih, terkadang ada pria yang secerewet wanita, sampai saya sendiri bingung.. soalnya ibu saya juga nggak secerewet nih bapak..

Sebagai contoh karena saya jualan kue tart hias, kalau ibu-ibu yang pesan butuh waktu berjam2 kadang berhari2 untuk memutuskan warna apa atau hiasan seperti apa. Terkadang banyak juga customer wanita yang super detail hinga setiap hiasan mereka yang memilih warna, semisal bunganya harus warna ini, kuenya harus warna itu, orang-orangnya harus yang seperti ita dan seterusnya.. Saya sih mewajarkan para wanita karena pasti mau nya yang terbaik dan ter perfect iyaaa kaannnn ;)
Dan untuk pria, mereka lebih simpel, biasanya hanya meminta contoh gambar kue, memilih, lalu memesan dan di bayar.

Akan tetapi yang membuat mereka sama adalah.. sama sama suka yang lebih murce (murah cekali) daripada toko sebelah walaupun kualitas-nya sama hahaha.

Anyways, Sebagai fashion and beauty blogger~ Salah satu tempat belanja online favorit saya untuk memenuhi hasrat saya yang hiatus sementara dari dunia per blogger an ini hikss hikss.. adalah di situs belanja nomer 1 terbesar di Indonesia ^^ belanja baju online murah bisa langsung tinggal klik klik aja :D Diskon nya itu loh yang bikin ngiler dan cinta setengah mati hahaha.

Untuk memudahkan kamu dalam berbelanja. Kamu juga bisa install applikasi di google play store ato apple store :D

Sekian dari saya~ ^^ Happy shopping yaaaa semua. Kalau shopping bisa membuatnya senang maka ber shopping ria lah~!!! Tapi ingat.. jangan lupa menabung, kalau belum menabung maka ber window shopping saja lah~!!! hahaha

See you in next post ;)
Love Chu~

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cheap Prom Dresses -

Heello Guys!

Prom party or Prom Night is one of the moment that will be a special in you life. there'll be friends, bestie, and someone special that you'll be spend the day. And with all those nice things that we can imagine happen in the day, ofcourse we have to look amazing and pretty with what we wear. And I'm talking about prom dress!
There are many dresses that you can find in
what is promtimes? promtimes is an online dress shop that sell many gorgeous , pretty, beauty, glamour, and elegant dresses for any oocassions especially prom party. It's wrapped into one and will give you the perfect dress that you're looking for.
 you can also find many cheap dresses in here  there's still look fascinating even if it's cheap (^.~) just like the picture below :


these two dresses is pretty and also looks cute.. the dress in left , it's a " sweetheart Sleeveless asymmetrical pink ' dress for prom or any occasion and it's  look sexy with a short appearance in front and long in back.. and  if you try to add necklace, which I recommend it, I think it'll be nice also :D and the other one, the princess dress, that's what i called it ^^ well, the full name is " Ball gown sweetheart watermelon organza floor-length prom dress ' it's just soo pretty and cute! suit with the name, its sure look sweet, especially with the pink color. I really wanna try to wear it!

mostly dresses is a long dressess. but even though like that, you can find that long dresses, can come up in many different style. like A line, mermaid, sleeveless dress,ball gown.. you can check all of the various type of long prom dresses in promtimes. I choose two of this long dress as my favorite among many dresses. I found it's difficult to prefer which of this two that I like the most... I like the dress in the left, the " High neck sleeveless floor-length long pearl pink because it's elegant and simple. and it didn't really need any accessories to wear. it's nice just the way it is :D and the right one, the " Scoop sleeveless Floor - length long pink prom dress " is had a detail lace on it, which is why I like it so much. because it looks gorgeous.

well, you can see that all the pictures I choose is in pink color. and its the theme color of this post ^^  pink is always one my favorite, but if you not same with me, you can choose another color you liked. because there are many dresses with a lot of different color, and one of it can be your favorite too.

so, ready to check? just click
happy shopping!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Prom Dress 2016 collection - Sherry London

2016 prom dress trend

Prom Dress 2016 collection - Sherry London - In an upcoming new year of 2016.

a new hope , a new plan , a new what to do list will appear and prepare. But as a woman, there is also a new things that will get our attention as much as other things.. and its fashion. There are many various choices of clothes or dress. but what type of trend that will appear?

sexy prom dressprom dress cheap where to buy

with many online fashion shop nowadays, It is my pleasure to introuduce you guys with one of the big online shop for dresses that based in UK. Sherry London .
the product which you can find in here are custom made and design with a unique style. The price is also reasonable. considering the quality and design that appear are nice.

In there you will also find a list of a 2016 collection dress.

take a look for 2016 collection prom dresses and all variety of option dressess in Sherry London  
There are many variations designs of dress that you can find with a various color and type. You can find options dresses events for Prom Dress, Bridesmaid Dress, Evening Dress, Cocktail and even Party Dress. which I find many dresses in here are very atractive, fresh and beauty, and some of them even look glamours. You can also find dress with a various fabric options that I found it very helpful to find what we really exactly want.

Sherry london should be one of destination of online shop that you must visit and take a look :D

Happy Shopping ladies ! 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Banggood Wishlist 2015 ^^v CAT WISHLIST meowwww

Bangood Wishlist 2015 ^^v

Banggood Wishlist 2015 ^^v CAT WISHLIST meowwww - Hi!! Remember my Banggood giveaway here or the Bangood product that I tried here . Well Well For you who don't know. Banggood is an online store who sell many things such as beauty product, clothing, electronic and many more ^^ well you check it

Anyways here's my wishlist in Bangood which contains many cat stuff.. hahaha

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Best Homecoming Dresses : dressesofgirl

Best Homecoming Dresses :

Best Homecoming Dresses : dressesofgirl - Hi :) How are you girl? I hope you are doing fine. :)
It's almost homecoming season. Let's we talk about homecoming dress. So for you who need a beautiful homecoming dress to make you look extra special this year. You should definitely check prom dresses because this website only selling prom dresses. They also offer up to 85% off in the website. will be the right place for you want to have a new dress for your special home party! and about the price? They have dress under 50 / under 100 / under 150

Thursday, September 10, 2015

USGoBuy: Best Mail Forwading Service

USGoBuy: Best Mail Forwading Service
Hello dear, Me with another UsGoBuy post, some of you who read my blog may already know the UsGoBuy. And now I will explain again what's the plus thing you can get from the UsGoBuy the best mail forwarding service.

USGo.Buy be the most convenient place to shop online from the websites of well-known and popular in the United States,without worrying about the goods that will get disablement or the goods will not able delivery safely to you're place. Especially as electronic goods, right? :)
If you can believe to what I say,you can just read feedback for some of costumer that already try Us_Go_BuyLet's check it out!

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