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Friday, November 11, 2016

Thanksgiving day presale -

babyonlinedress, wedding dresses, prom dress, evening dress

Thanksgiving day presale - - It's been rainy almost everyday here. even in the morning. The weather is cold when I woke up.. unusual. 'because usually it's hot like summer LOL
Anyway, I enjoy it <3

It's going near the end of the year. There's a lot of occasions events held and also big day such as thanksgiving. Though I'm not celebrating the day. But lot of my friends talk about it :) and if you are too, you know, I've been introduced by this wonderful online store that give presale for formal dresses in thanksgiving day :)

babyonlinedress, wedding dresses, prom dress, evening dress

babyonlinedress, wedding dresses, prom dress, evening dress

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

FASHION: Make Outfit Of The Day with Apparel Candy

Hello! So I guess it’s been a really really long time that I’m not write anything in here.. I don’t want to feel like I am abandoned my precious blog but honestly, alot things to do with work and stuff makes me can’t spend much time to post or write something in my blog even thought there’s like a thousand things i want to write in here and share it with you. Really miss you all who kindly spend your time to visit and read my blog.

Speaking about sharing, if you check my previous blog, you will find how much I loved to buy clothes or stuff online. Since it’s alot easier nowadays and there's alot of stuff with a cheap price and even if it’s cheap the dresses and clothes or accessories have a good quality . one of the site that i found lately is Apparel Candy .
apparel candy, wholesale shopping, shopping, online shop, cheap online shop, lovely clothes, nice outfit

I like the way Apparel candy website looks  like. It is easy to find what we are looking with many options in the top of the website. Just put your mouse and scroll down. One of  the best thing is that it also have a sale option XD
You can find a chic, sexy , casual, sporty,maxi looks on this wholesale shopping. I’m surfing on this wholesale shop and I make a list of apparel that I want to buy. And it is all fancy.  I make a list appereance set try to mix and match XD and what do you think?..

Monday, June 20, 2016



FASHION SIMPLICITY - - Hallo :D Kemarin janji nya fashion post pas weekend tapi berhubung repot jadi nge-post yang sudah ready aja. Nah Balik lagi sama fashion post di hari senin ini kyaaaaa >3< Di post kali ini aku perkenalkan brand Indonesia baru CLA-STUDIO - . Ini brand punya teman aku.

Di buat pada tahun 2015. Nama CLA-STUDIO di ambil dari nama panjang si owner. Claracita~ Nama panggilannya Sara. Semua desain di Clastudio di desain oleh Sara sendiri loh. Sara ingin membuat desain baju sederhana, tapi nyaman di pakai, dan yang penting bertahan sepanjang zaman :D 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fashion Lebaran Islami -

Fashion Lebaran Islami -
Fashion Lebaran Islami - - Omg.. yang namanya Lebaran itu, pasti kumpul-kumpul sama keluarga kan, saling maaf maafan atas kesalahan yang dilakukan setahun lalu (eh habis maaf bikin salah lagi, kan nggak papa lebaran tahun depan kan di maafin lagi yeee)

Dan yang nggak lepas dari lebaran itu, pamer baju baru hahaha~!!! Ya kan tiap mau lebaran beli baju baru. Iya kan?? Nah terus masak nggak di pamerin!!! hahaha

Nah lebaran kali ini, rencananya aku mau bergaya muslimah gityu, biasanya nggak pakai kerudung hehehe. Mau-nya tahun ini lebaran pakai kerudung :D

Paling asik cek di online store yang khusus berjualan baju muslim. Untuk di jadikan wishlist gaya lebaran aku tahun ini.

Gaya fashion Idul Fitri yang aku pilih:

Friday, October 2, 2015

Fashion: Twilight Style - Dresslink: Leopard Bag

Fashion: Twilight Style - Dresslink: Leopard Bag

Fashion: Twilight Style - Dresslink: Leopard Bag - Hello Luch and Luch~!! Me again Inge Lakawa and my sister. How are you? :D I hope you are doing good today!
So this leopard bag that I'm showing you in this post, it has been in my wishlist for.. well forever and.. finally I got it!! and it's very cheap toooooo!!!, $4.47  >.< God.. I'm a dresslink lover forever.❤_❤ So cheap '-'
Oh yeah btw I title this 'twilight' because my sister just bought this long red black robe that kind of remind me of volturi robe lol. whatever. keep reading yeah and don't forget to leave some love by commenting hahaha

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Beautiful Charms and Bracelet - Glamulet

Beautiful Charms and Bracelet - Glamulet

Beautiful Charms and Bracelet - Glamulet -- HIIII What's up? Do you like charms bracelet? I DO! It's beautiful, unique and personal. an online store special in selling charms bracelet was contacted me for the blog review and I am so happy when the package arrived. Because I got all this as shown in picture below.

best gift for lover

All this came in a medium brown box with Glamulet name on it and in the box, there are a gift white box with blue ribbon so it's kind of like tiffany box ^^ I like it! and I got a bracelet and 3 charms all of them wrap in plastic. Also cloth for bracelet and a bag if you are going to give it as a gift to someone, isn't it cool???? And it is all print with Glamulet name on it so it looks pricy haha.

anyways read more for detail pictures and information ^^ 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Wishlist 2015 ^_^v

Summer Wishlist 2015 ^_^v
image from google
Hey!! It's summer time already, the weather is really hot right now ~_~;
What I want right now is going to the beach with my family and friends. It can make me feel fresh and cool. Even when I am on the beach. I need to look fashionable!! So I make this wishlist! The items that I want is from Dresslink, one of my favorite online store since they always have many discount promo, the price is very affordable but at the same time very fashionable! So let's check~!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

FASHION: Evening dresses and Prom Dresses 2015

FASHION: Evening dresses and Prom Dresses 2015

Evening Dresseswhen the times comes for us ladies, to attending such a sparkling or formal evening party, wearing such a glamour or elegant dress should be on an important thing that we have to prepare. 

   where to buy cheap evening dresstrend prom dresses 20152015 evening dress

Surely, it is not easy to choose which dresses is the best. It can be a glamour or elegant or sexy or even simple.. whatever it is, choose the dress that you feel comfortable when wearing it. as I myself will choose a classic chic theme for my evening dress,with a colour of black or red. I find alot of many beautiful dresses to buy and wear in this one of a nice online shop, 8wdshop. There is so many amazing dresses, just click here

With alot of moments also.. different times, different days, different is also come the night that all of beauty girls will waiting for, Prom events

prom dress 2015 best choice

Prom Dresses 2015 - with alot of dozens pretty and good looking dresses out there, its so hard to choose which one is the best for us and will make us look stunning 

how to choose prom dress that suit meglamous evening dress in pinkprincess dress

I do choosing a dark and hot colour red for evening themes, but I give a no for Prom.  I would more prefer to attend the party with a bright and soft colour. attend the moment in a cute appearance and lovely dresses. did you already watch cinderella movie? remember how the big gown look so fabolous in the movie, and makes the crowd can't off of their eyes from Ella. that's the reason why I think a ball gown would be a best choice!..... okay, probably too much  (o ̄∇ ̄o) then A line? yup! sometimes simple but chic, and you already pretty :D just like the four dresses up there :))

however,tick tock tick tock time, and stressful situation that will come, just try and take a look and click to find what you're looking for ! as you probably won't agree with my style, there's still more type and sophisticated dress to check, have a nice day!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fashion: Cheap Wedding Dress 2015 -

Fashion: Cheap Wedding Dress 2015 - www.yobridal.comHi how are you? I've been busy moving to a new house. And my cat was sick so very bad that he need to get, uhmm.. intravenous therapy?... it's because he was too shocked when we moved to a new house. Poor him.. but thank God, he's fine. I thought he would "bye bye me" cause the doctor said something scary, something like, bad dehydration, virus, liver thingy, blind shit. He was 6kg and when he sick he's only 5,3kg TT_TT... 
But look!! thank you God, really Thank you God m(_ _)m..  my cat is perfectly fine right now ^3^ (and one of the doctor was pretty annoying cause she kept arguing.. wtf man.. I am the person with a sick cat, don't you think you need to stop arguing?? so unprofessional until the main doctor had to say sorry for her.what the fuck -.-'')

Enough about me and my cat hahaha. 

You know the important thing when you have a wedding is the wedding dress, yeah right? Even thought, I am not married yet or not getting marry anytime soon. But I like to think how my wedding dress will look ;)

If me - who are not marry soon - already think such a think. You - who will getting marry soon - must be so busy looking for a dress. So I want to tell you a place where you can get beautiful dress with very reasonable price :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fashion: Tmart Floral Shoulder Bag - Summer Fashion 2015

Fashion: Tmart Floral Shoulder Bag - Summer Fashion 2015

Still with me, Inge Lakawa. The model is not me but my sister, Icha Lakawa. ;) But I took the pictures, pretty good, huh???
How are you?? God, I miss blogging. But my schedule is pretty hectic especially in those valentine times.. I only sleep for 3 hours 3 days in a row, I sleep in the morning for 3 hours and then started working until the next morning. It's like everyone celebrated valentine but me.. *crying in the corner.. forever alone..
But well.. life's hard and I know that after 23 years of my cute life.. god making money is hard. It's hard but It's also fun ^_^v
okey enough about me.. act like someone actually read this..

Showing you my newest bag that I got from Tmart and surprisingly very good quality bag O_O..
keep reading~!! or if you don't like reading.. well.. keep looking at the pictures..

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

FASHION: Dressve Spring Outwear

Hiiiii, How are you? I hope you are good ^_^v 
Today's posting about fashion. ^_^ Since the weather is cold, even in Indonesia cause it's raining almost every single day. But I'm sure, not as cold as you who live in a country with 4 seasons hahaha. So now The most important fashion outfit is the 'Outwear' aka blazer or jacket. 

Nowdays, the blazer and jacket looks very elegant, beautiful, adorable hehe. One of the online shop that I recommend for Spring outwear is Dressve Dressve spring outwear

fashion: dressve spring outwear
You can get this one HERE

Friday, December 12, 2014

Outfit of The Day - Orange

Outfit of The Day - Orange - hiiiiii..................................... Horray!! My second post of this month \m/. Actually I don't know what to blog. I have many products to review and stories I want to share but I am not in the mood to do that right now whahahaha. So I will just post my outfit of the day \m/ (OK actually it was couple days ago.. outfit.. lol but well..)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fashion: Going To Campus

Fashion: Going To Campus

Fashion: Going To Campus - Bwahaha long time no see. As usual that girl in the photo is not me. It's my sister hahahaha due to my body condition, I can't take photos.. huhuhuhu (READ: I'm getting really fat.. like WHY oh WHY GOD all the foods here looks and taste so f**cking good!!!!)

So Since it's not autumn/winter here in Indonesia. It's still SUMMER everybody!!!! I am sure you can't imagine how hot it is here.. so very hot.. I guess it's around 35-40 Celcius. I feel like I am in the oven.

Then I dress my sister like this ;) It's perfect for going to campus or hang out with friends or just well, go wherever you like. If you like dressing like this, when you are in rice field then you are welcome to do it, right..?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fashion: Cheap Prom Dresses 2014

Hello Girls ! I'm going to post new outfit prom dresses from bridal shop. It's an online shopping that offer many dress, such as wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses, and alot lovely dresses.all the image dresses in here is belong to the online shop okbridalshop. I hope it help you find your prom dress. also it's all cheap prom dresses :)

wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses

Even though I never being in any prom night event before, but I can imagine how fun the night is. That's why, whenever I check and view many various dresses, I always choose some of my favorite dresses. and so I will share and give you a recommendation best on my opinion. It'll be fun to let you know my choice and hope you'll find what I find :)

I really like the mermaid dress in this picture. The pattern on it is so elegant and look faboulous. also the color looks classic and expensive :) and the pink long dress in here is beautiful and simple. 

Since there are many different kind of dress, remember to make sure what theme are you in. and always remember to check which type body are you. not all dresses is suitable for everyone. But, still there is a tons of lovely dress. 


as well as any dresses that I've been choose before, mini dress will always include as my favorite. especially if its a tutu mini dress. the two of mini dress that I choose on top had details of flower pattern in the dress and it's  just lovely. no need to put any accessories, just give a simple hairstyle and it's perfect ^^

do you interest to any one of them? well, if you want to look different in your prom night, I'll recommend you to try buy the dress via online, The shop is offering higher quality, easy-to-buy, and ofcourse the prices is cheap :) and I belive there'll be a less chance for you to  wear same dress with another :) 

So what to wait? Let's give a try and direct your mouse to click . Cheap prom dresses. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bridesmaid Dress 2014

Preparing for a beautiful wedding, will take so many things to do. as for the most important things to look for what to wear, it's a about a wedding dress. But as the side for wedding couple in the altar, the bridesmaid also need to wear an absolute gorgeous dress to make the ceremony become perfect like what it be expect.
In here I introduce you with the online shop for dress, bridal I'm happy when they asked me to make a review for their shop :) And since I really adore dresses, like usual, it makes me happy to take a look for many variety of clothing in there. I've met with many dresses that has 3 of my favorite elements : pretty, sweet, elegant

The most important thing in choosing clothes when you shop via online is first, to make sure that the store is offers a fit content listed on the site. As many variety of nice dress, it also need to be in a good quality, nice services and not-to-forget, a cheap price heheXddd
I've been take a look for postive reviews that come in Okbridalshop. so no need to worry, because all the things will wrapped in a beautiful way, and just like you expect ^^

I took some of image bridesmaid dresses and chooses my favorite . since there's many bright soft color, it make me think to remove the white dress from my list. and here it is! lovely and nice. the colors of dresses is also very suitable for a wide range of wedding themes. I really like it :) it's gorgeous and pretty. * thumbs up *

 various shades of bridesmaid dresses that you can found in OkbridalShop. No need to be confuse for what you searching ..and no need to make it hard to get what you expect. isn't that what we looking for? ^^
Okbridalshop bring the easiest way to shop, and also trustworthy  to help you find a beautiful  bridesmaid dresses for appear in a beatiful wedding ceremony :D

click on the link for beautiful and cheap bridesmaid dresses

enjoy shopphing :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Party Dress Recommendation For you

While it comes the moment when we as a woman attend some formal ceremony or just a simple party, the first thing that we will looking for is a dress. What kind of dress that will make me look stunning or sexy or just simple but elegant or probably cute and sexy.. is it going to suit us? and where to find the nice one? 
All the question will stuck in our head until we find the best one. And sometimes, it takes many times for us to decide. 
But just so you know that it will not really hard to find the best one unless you know to look where to buy. And I'm happy to give you a review for this online shop dress that sell many of great and awesome dress! yes it's in  I fall in love with many of dress in there, not just they give you an easy way to shop for dress, but the dresses they have is also look faboulous! 
and here ladies, I'll put my little opinion in several dress to wear for attend in any moment of ceremony. :DD it's not really a new things, but well......  ( ^ v ^ ) ~

Long Prom Dresses & Short Porm Dresses

 My favorite type of long dress to wear on prom is a typical of long flowing dress with a bling bling  on it. 

but as personally, I like short dress than long dress. why? well, I think it's look more better on me since I'm not tall... putting a higheels while wear mini dress will look my feet more prominent :)

 Evening Dresses

show your body line but keep elegant in evening moment with black and white color . Put it sexy with long dress and simple hair style. I really love the style in both of this dress. it's look so shopisticated. Dream to wear one of this :D

  Cocktail Dresses

Casual style with a tutu mini dress and look chic with a blend layer. It can be a good choice for dress to attend in semi - formal party. I like both of the dress in the picture. It kinda remind me with Blair style from Gossip Girl :) 

Bridesmaid Dresses

Be gorgeous and pretty in a simple bridesmaid dress. a kind of mini bridesmaid dress is my favorite one. look sweet and pretty, even without any accessories, the bridesmais still look gorgeous and elegant. Soft color will be a good choice rather than just white and also suitable in Garden wedding theme :D

all the dresses pictures that I put is come form online dress shop . There is still many stunning dress that you can find in avivadress. Almost all the dress in the website is gorgeous and fancy. even more, now the shop offers 85% off ! They sell many nice dress in cheap price :D
 If you take a look and read review and comment in , you'll find that many had leave postive and good comment. Maybe you'll be next? ^^

Happy shopping ^^

Friday, August 15, 2014

FASHION:Colorful Color For Homecoming Dress

Charming A-line High Neck Flowers Short Homecoming Dress
You can get the dress >> here
September - October time for the homecoming party. Homecoming is "a tradition of welcoming back the back of a school. It is a tradition in many universities, colleges and high schools in the United States. It usually includes activities for students and alumni, such as sports and culture events and a prade through the streets of the city or town." source from wikipedia

Well the point is.. it is a gathering, a party, a dance party. Just like every party. In this homecoming party, you also want to look 'wow', right? Look 'wow' good with your hairstyle, accessoris, and ofcourse the dress. You want to look stunning. So I'm thinking why not goes with the colorful color? It can make you look 'wow' without so much effort. Check checky~

Friday, August 1, 2014

Homecoming Dresses -

Homecoming Dresses -

Homecoming dresses in - Hi Gals! how are you? I'm coming back again with my new post about Homecoming dresses!

so First of all, what is Homecoming?? well, as you might know already that homecoming is the event when you go back to the school and meet your old friend and spend tons of activities and sure alot of chitchat :D 

In this kind of moment,of course we want to look fancy and nice when it comes to our fashion. As many of you might be confuse and try to figure out what style will suits you and what dress to wear.. here I bring you a solution by come and visit for many absolutely lovely and chic dresses with various style in , homecoming dresses 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

FASHION: Hybrid Pencil Dress - Sensation of Night

FASHION: Hybrid Pencil Dress - Sensation of Night

FASHION: Hybrid Pencil Dress - Sensation of Night - Have you heard about the online store Sensation of Night >> well if you haven't heard before, you should check their website haha. They sell many pretty dresses and mostly lingerie, panties haha. 
So I got this dress from sensation of night. Very nice high quality dress. It made from polyster. Press body dress with low cut in chest area. I love the colorful pattent on side, it make the dress looks sexier. Check more photos~
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