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Monday, February 25, 2019

Bodycon Dress and Women's Outwear -

Hey guys 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》How are you doing? It's Ully Lakawa doing allright here~
Lately, I've been loving the bodycon dress. What is bodycon dress?
It's a dress that will look good on your body when you put it . Because It follow your body line. and it will complement your body shape very beautifully ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

I don't really have a good shape T.T I use to have zero conffident to wear bodycon dresses also.( ̄□ ̄;)Back then I just can admire someone who wears those beautiful dress. But, right now I love these kind of dresses. You know~~ I just need to build my confidence and just wear these beauty~

and I found some really good bodycon dresses online from and will share to you some of my favorite bodycon dress that I find in this website o(≧∇≦o)

Let's take a look okay
and maybe just maybe ,my top 5 bodycon dress will be your favorite too O(≧▽≦)O
Let's start from 5 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Best Elevator Shoes -

Hello dear reader~ Today's fashion post is about Elevator Shoes. This is something new for me because I don't shop for men. Let alone husband, I don't even have a boyfriend LOL. Anyway, Elevator shoes is like shoes that have thickened sections in the insoles so then the wearer will apper taller~ I guess it's just like women with high heels to make theirself more confidence. Men needs more confidence with the appearance too :D and makes the best Elevator shoes outthere~ :D

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Spending Time with Lil Sisters

Spending Time with Lil Sisters - This is so not important blog post hahaha that is exactly why I posted it hahaha. Me and my two little sisters who are not so little but yeah compored than me their body is a little.. just a little.. slimmer hahahaha
We are barely going out together just the three of us. But here we are~ shopping together~ in a mall we didn't plan on going~ 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Fashionmia: Cute Summer Outfit 2018

Fashionmia: Cute Summer Outfit 2018
Round Neck Colorful Pleated Skater Dress

Fashion: Cute Summer Outfit 2018 - you know summer is just in couple of moths \^o^/ and who's excited?? One of the best thing about summer is we can wear cute outfit that show our skin!! haha!!
and I will show you some cute outfits I found recently. As they said, sharing is caring ;) When I saw these outfit, I immadiately think about making a blog post about it. And here some of my favorite dresses for this 2018 summer~!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Best Wedding Dresses by MILLYBRIDAL

Best Wedding Dresses by MILLYBRIDAL -  Hallo!! Finally yeah I post something haha. Because yeah you know the holiday~the work and lalala things I only making excuses haha!!! 
Anyways guys, in my 26th year of my life. I want to get marry!! So I checking a wedding dress, even tho I don't have 'the man' who wants to marry me LOL but whatever lah I still can check some wedding dress, right???? Maybe I would find a good one~ The one I am in love with~ *the dress I meant :D 
And then I found this site MILLYBRIDAL - and they sell very cute wedding dresses >.< the price also reasonable >.< 
Please check some of my favorite wedding dress and help me choose yeah~!!! haha

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Fashion Spring 2018: Cute Dresses From BerryLook

Fashion Spring 2018: Cute Dresses From BerryLook - Hello ^^ So recently I found nice site, they are selling cute clothing for women and and also it's Cheap Women's Clothing!! How awesome!!! I know because a lot of you love cheap but cute but also nice quality clothing, right, right, right??? Well at least, I do :D 
That is why I want to share with you this information I know :) So the online store is called 'BerryLook' as I already mention in the title LOL. BerryLook shipping worldwide and right now, their 'popular product' is on sale up to 70% OFF 
In this post, I want to choose cute dresses that you can wear on this year spring season :)

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Fashion: I Wanna Be A Tree

Fashion: I wanna be a tree - Hello Hello ^^  You know sometimes when I sit in toilet, doing the stuff lol. I always get so much ideas, inspiration!! I am so fire up with all the positive things!! I meant when I am in toilet, I will be me but with a lot more positive minds. But when I'm done, I meant the toilet business. I will be back to the usual me which is uhm... lazy, not organize, not everything.
It's just weird you know..~

But back to Today's fashion. This is something I wore to mall after very exhausted long work day.. I told me self, "Inge!! you deserve to be happy!!" So I went to mall and ate all the food I wanted to eat!

Friday, January 5, 2018



FASHION FOR ALL SEASON - - Recently I discover nice shopping site with nice collection, affordable price, and shipping worldwide of course!! ^^ It's the !!

and since it's new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR yeah!! I hope the year will be a great one for all of us! It's winter season now in some part of the world and of course it's raining season here in Indonesia. 2 days ago I heard really scary thunder lighting sound, woke me up from my sleeping beauty :(

So!! I think why not make a fashion list for all season. I mean you can buy summer outfit in this winter season so then when summer come, you'll be ready!!
Anyways this is some of my recommendation, of  course you can check more on their online store. I also share some of coupon, it's 30% OFF coupon. Make sure to check it out~!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Fashion - Because When You Said Bakpao - I said I want!!

Fashion - Because When You Said Bakpao - I said I want!! - Do you know how easy actually to make this kind of post? haha. I meant I just have to take some picture of me wearing some 'what i think' good clothes and then edit a little bit and write some things that nobody care lol and post it!! Done.. and the 'tittle' is not even related to the post...
But I like all the process. Being a fashion blogger makes me more care about how I look, makes me think 'what should I wear in today's post', makes me wants to lost some weight to look cuter and other's positive things ^^v

Again this is OLD photos okey.. I once became a fatty cute person LOL and love looking like a woman who already gave birth to 10 children even though I myself am a single person who forget how it feels to be loved by a guy.. *wait what ahahaha* I meant I choose to be, all right?? This heart of mine is fragile also precious, I love my heart like how much gollum love 'the ring' okey? I don't want it to be in pain lol or at least I am not ready to be in pain? *thinking* I meant.. to be in love with someone means you are ready to feel others feeling too.. such as happy.. sorrow.. pain?? I read somewhere, it said, 'you are not afraid to love. you are afraid of not being loved back' So now I don't know.... oh my God.. this love things is soooo hard to understand O__O Okey I give up

Monday, November 20, 2017

Fashion - Seven Days Without Chocolate Makes One Week

Fashion - Seven Days Without Chocolate Makes One Week - oh yeah it has been how many days since my last post..? *checking last post ..* Oh yeah 4 days!! ^^ Nothing much happened though. Just the usually day, but finally over with the depressing days! Still reading too many yaoi manga LOL and watch some BL movies LOL oh my god what happened??? LOL

Anyways I took the MBTI test since my sister keep talking about how she is an INSJ and it's pretty rare LOL always wants to be the special one huh yeah?? Anyways again, I am ISFP hahaha. 'the artist' they said. Not rare tho yeah but all what it said it's true!!! You should go take the test online too ^^ cause it's fun for you to know more about yourself!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Fashion: Chocolate and Dark Chocolate (kekeke)

Fashion: Chocolate and Dark Chocolate (kekeke) - you know what's hard? Making a title. Oh God hard work.. It took me 15 seconds to finally come up with this title and it's not even good haha.. Anyways, my sister said "Sis, it's boring taking picture in the garden, just do in the bedroom" So here I am.. in my sister's bedroom with a shoes after my maid mopped the floor, I felt guilty.. 'sorry..'

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fashion: Autumn Outwear from

Fashion: Autumn Outwear from

Fashion: Autumn Outwear from  - Looking good in autumn season is a must!! And wearing cute knitwear is another 'must to do' for fashion lover, yes? no? and I found this online shop where you can find those nice looking outerwear as I choose in picture above and there are many more to check :)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

FASHION: Gray and Blue

FASHION: Gray and Blue

FASHION: Gray and Blue - YOLO YOLO :D Me and fashion post again. I'm feeling great lately! Which is amaaaziiingg. Because as maybe you can read in my older post, I been depressed but thank you God I found my path and I finally back alive!!

So in Today's fashion I went shopping to a mall and choose this outfit. Lately I like pastel color. I used to like bright color such as red and red and red hahaha. My clothes are mostly red because the color can makes my skin looks whiter. The whiter you are, the more beautiful people think you are.. well so asian lah~

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Fashion: Gold White Color Outfit

Fashion: Gold White Color Outfit

Fashion: Gold White Color Outfit  - Hi, I've been depressed lately. So stress. Like you know, if you have problem, you try to solve it, you know how to solve it (or at least you think you know..) so you did it and then it turn out not what you expected, so then you depressed and so on and so on.. it's like a loop =_='' but yeah every problem have an end, right.. don't know when but it will eventually.. maybe I should just be patient. Try to survive. And keep my head in place. God help..

Yeah well my problem is mine, bet nobody cares. So let's move on..

Today's fashion is about WHITE GOLD COLOR.. because all gold, nude, light brown. Those are my favorite colors!! hahaha I am not sure why since I wear hijab, my favorite color is also change. I used to like red and red and red.. just red!! Last time I bought a red color top then I don't feel pretty on it, the red color doesn't suit me so I gave it to my family haha.

Monday, August 28, 2017



Hi everyone!

How was the summer so far ? I read many nice things happen in many blogs I've currently visited. Some of them shared a lovely fashion outfit on summer and some of them shared a beautiful vacation they had,which make me a little bit jealous XD but it's refreshing to see the nice view of gorgeous blue beach and destination town :) and I love the posted you guys shared :)
well, since summer won't be going much longer in some of country, have you guys enjoy the holiday time play on beach or swimming pool? if you guys haven't already,the summer is elapses ! XD

 and I would like to share info about swimming items on that is on sale started today AUGUST 28 until SEPTEMBER 6!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Fashion: Feminine Campus Style

Fashion: Feminine Campus Style

Fashion: Feminine Campus Style - Hello it's me Inge Lakawa and My sister, Icha Lakawa in photos (hah.) =D How are you?? I'm doing good if you are wondering. So in today's fashion post, we want to show simple campus style ^_^ Comfortable and of course feminine! 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Nude Color Outfit - I Love it!

Nude Color Outfit - I Love it!

Nude Color Outfit - I Love it! - So few days ago, I found a thrift store and found this cute clothes. I think it's kind of like Liz Lisa's top hehe. I bought it. Pair it with Skinny pants so I wouldn't look so fat and since I wear hijab now. I choose a Hijab with same color as the top,  It suit good, I think! :)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Thanksgiving day presale -

babyonlinedress, wedding dresses, prom dress, evening dress

Thanksgiving day presale - - It's been rainy almost everyday here. even in the morning. The weather is cold when I woke up.. unusual. 'because usually it's hot like summer LOL
Anyway, I enjoy it <3

It's going near the end of the year. There's a lot of occasions events held and also big day such as thanksgiving. Though I'm not celebrating the day. But lot of my friends talk about it :) and if you are too, you know, I've been introduced by this wonderful online store that give presale for formal dresses in thanksgiving day :)

babyonlinedress, wedding dresses, prom dress, evening dress

babyonlinedress, wedding dresses, prom dress, evening dress

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

FASHION: Make Outfit Of The Day with Apparel Candy

Hello! So I guess it’s been a really really long time that I’m not write anything in here.. I don’t want to feel like I am abandoned my precious blog but honestly, alot things to do with work and stuff makes me can’t spend much time to post or write something in my blog even thought there’s like a thousand things i want to write in here and share it with you. Really miss you all who kindly spend your time to visit and read my blog.

Speaking about sharing, if you check my previous blog, you will find how much I loved to buy clothes or stuff online. Since it’s alot easier nowadays and there's alot of stuff with a cheap price and even if it’s cheap the dresses and clothes or accessories have a good quality . one of the site that i found lately is Apparel Candy .
apparel candy, wholesale shopping, shopping, online shop, cheap online shop, lovely clothes, nice outfit

I like the way Apparel candy website looks  like. It is easy to find what we are looking with many options in the top of the website. Just put your mouse and scroll down. One of  the best thing is that it also have a sale option XD
You can find a chic, sexy , casual, sporty,maxi looks on this wholesale shopping. I’m surfing on this wholesale shop and I make a list of apparel that I want to buy. And it is all fancy.  I make a list appereance set try to mix and match XD and what do you think?..

Monday, June 20, 2016



FASHION SIMPLICITY - - Hallo :D Kemarin janji nya fashion post pas weekend tapi berhubung repot jadi nge-post yang sudah ready aja. Nah Balik lagi sama fashion post di hari senin ini kyaaaaa >3< Di post kali ini aku perkenalkan brand Indonesia baru CLA-STUDIO - . Ini brand punya teman aku.

Di buat pada tahun 2015. Nama CLA-STUDIO di ambil dari nama panjang si owner. Claracita~ Nama panggilannya Sara. Semua desain di Clastudio di desain oleh Sara sendiri loh. Sara ingin membuat desain baju sederhana, tapi nyaman di pakai, dan yang penting bertahan sepanjang zaman :D 
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