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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Beformal: Beautiful Formal Dresses - Plus Size

Beformal: Beautiful Formal Dresses - Plus Size - Hi! How are you? I hope you are happy and healthy ^_^v Are you planning to go to a formal party, prom night, wedding party, etc? Well if you do, I want to introduce you to where you can find many beautiful formal dresses. 

Beformal: Beautiful Formal Dresses - Plus Size

And for you who are struggle in finding beautiful formal dress but in bigger size (like me) I think you should check beformal plus size formal dresses. Because there are many to choose. The picture above is one of the example, they have size from 14w to 26w in US size, if you need it bigger, they can make a custom made size :) COOL! if you want to see other collection, check it here ->

Friday, June 26, 2015



FASHION: CHEAP EVENING DRESSHello. How are you today?  \(^O^)/ It’s nice to be blogging again. Anyways, I’m back with a new post about Evening Dress From Jecicadress. You can check in
If you want to look amazing and beautifull at the party or when you meet some friends, collegas and having candle light dinner with boyfriend or husband. A beautiful evening dress is what we need, right? But with minimal budget, I guess you should check jecicadress. Because they offer very affordable dress. ^O^

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

FASHION: Evening dresses and Prom Dresses 2015

FASHION: Evening dresses and Prom Dresses 2015

Evening Dresseswhen the times comes for us ladies, to attending such a sparkling or formal evening party, wearing such a glamour or elegant dress should be on an important thing that we have to prepare. 

   where to buy cheap evening dresstrend prom dresses 20152015 evening dress

Surely, it is not easy to choose which dresses is the best. It can be a glamour or elegant or sexy or even simple.. whatever it is, choose the dress that you feel comfortable when wearing it. as I myself will choose a classic chic theme for my evening dress,with a colour of black or red. I find alot of many beautiful dresses to buy and wear in this one of a nice online shop, 8wdshop. There is so many amazing dresses, just click here

With alot of moments also.. different times, different days, different is also come the night that all of beauty girls will waiting for, Prom events

prom dress 2015 best choice

Prom Dresses 2015 - with alot of dozens pretty and good looking dresses out there, its so hard to choose which one is the best for us and will make us look stunning 

how to choose prom dress that suit meglamous evening dress in pinkprincess dress

I do choosing a dark and hot colour red for evening themes, but I give a no for Prom.  I would more prefer to attend the party with a bright and soft colour. attend the moment in a cute appearance and lovely dresses. did you already watch cinderella movie? remember how the big gown look so fabolous in the movie, and makes the crowd can't off of their eyes from Ella. that's the reason why I think a ball gown would be a best choice!..... okay, probably too much  (o ̄∇ ̄o) then A line? yup! sometimes simple but chic, and you already pretty :D just like the four dresses up there :))

however,tick tock tick tock time, and stressful situation that will come, just try and take a look and click to find what you're looking for ! as you probably won't agree with my style, there's still more type and sophisticated dress to check, have a nice day!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Dresswe 2015 New Style Cheap Wedding Dresses Promotion

Dresswe 2015 New Style Cheap Wedding Dresses Promotion
Get this pretty dress here ->
Fashion: Dresswe 2015 New Style Cheap Wedding Dresses Promotion - Well, Do you need an evening dress?? I don't LOL. But I love looking at these kind of dress. Also I love you so then I love sharing to you (need or not need it right now) where you can get beautiful evening dress who looks elegant, beautiful, modern, chic, update with the trend but OFFER CHEAP PRICE!!

Introduce you it's an online store who sell fashion stuff. Anyways what I want to share right now is their Cheap evening dresses of where you can check, here ->>

before you open the link above. Why not you go take a look at my favorite TOP 5 evening dresses *wink* hehehe

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Party Dress Recommendation For you

While it comes the moment when we as a woman attend some formal ceremony or just a simple party, the first thing that we will looking for is a dress. What kind of dress that will make me look stunning or sexy or just simple but elegant or probably cute and sexy.. is it going to suit us? and where to find the nice one? 
All the question will stuck in our head until we find the best one. And sometimes, it takes many times for us to decide. 
But just so you know that it will not really hard to find the best one unless you know to look where to buy. And I'm happy to give you a review for this online shop dress that sell many of great and awesome dress! yes it's in  I fall in love with many of dress in there, not just they give you an easy way to shop for dress, but the dresses they have is also look faboulous! 
and here ladies, I'll put my little opinion in several dress to wear for attend in any moment of ceremony. :DD it's not really a new things, but well......  ( ^ v ^ ) ~

Long Prom Dresses & Short Porm Dresses

 My favorite type of long dress to wear on prom is a typical of long flowing dress with a bling bling  on it. 

but as personally, I like short dress than long dress. why? well, I think it's look more better on me since I'm not tall... putting a higheels while wear mini dress will look my feet more prominent :)

 Evening Dresses

show your body line but keep elegant in evening moment with black and white color . Put it sexy with long dress and simple hair style. I really love the style in both of this dress. it's look so shopisticated. Dream to wear one of this :D

  Cocktail Dresses

Casual style with a tutu mini dress and look chic with a blend layer. It can be a good choice for dress to attend in semi - formal party. I like both of the dress in the picture. It kinda remind me with Blair style from Gossip Girl :) 

Bridesmaid Dresses

Be gorgeous and pretty in a simple bridesmaid dress. a kind of mini bridesmaid dress is my favorite one. look sweet and pretty, even without any accessories, the bridesmais still look gorgeous and elegant. Soft color will be a good choice rather than just white and also suitable in Garden wedding theme :D

all the dresses pictures that I put is come form online dress shop . There is still many stunning dress that you can find in avivadress. Almost all the dress in the website is gorgeous and fancy. even more, now the shop offers 85% off ! They sell many nice dress in cheap price :D
 If you take a look and read review and comment in , you'll find that many had leave postive and good comment. Maybe you'll be next? ^^

Happy shopping ^^
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