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Friday, July 12, 2013

How to Have Thick and Beautiful Hair

How to Have Thick and Beautiful Hair
Do you want to have thick hair and beautiful? I Do!
I tried many solution to get thick hair but I will have to wait for long time to get the result. Yes, I am patient to wait but when I go out, I just want to look pretty and cute and thick hair will make me look 100% prettier than I am now. Agree?

Sometimes when I looked at the hollywood stars with their beautiful hair. I was thinking what is their secret??
How they can have very smooth hair, even though they always change their hair style, from straight to curl, from blonde to dark hair. But their hair is so thick, beautiful, smooth and make us envy!

I know now. To get the instant beautiful hair look~
Girl!! What you need is hair extension!

If you find it hard to get nice quality hair extension. Cause I do, I saw many people used it and they look so fake.. My mom even can tell lol. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Blush AS Lipstick

chuAs I already told you before about my blog schedule here. So after my previous fashion post about me loving my new bag from choies here. It means right now I will post my very first beauty post lol. I'm very exciting as I type this cause I was so into craft and fashion, and as a girl I also love make-up and skin care. It's so fun to share with you!! ^_^ Seperti yang sudah aku katakan sebelumnya tentang jadwal blog pos aku disni . Kan kemarin aku pos tentang fashion, tas baruku dari choies disini . Berarti sekarang waktunya aku pos tentang beauty pos pertama aku!! Aku seneng banget berasa dag dig dug gitu hahaha soalnya aku biasanya pos tentang kerajinan tangan atau fashion.. tapi sebagai gadis yang cute aku juga suka banget sama dunia permake-up ama perskin-care. Jadi aku mau bagi-bagi informasi yang ku tau buat kamu seorang ;)
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