Sunday, February 17, 2019

Unique 3D Bedding -

Hello ^^ How are you doing guys? Me doing well here. I forget if I already tell you or not hehe. So I'm telling you now~ I will move to a new house this MARCH!! WOW so excited~!! Finally after works for years I bought a house for me, my sisters and mom :D So excited~ I can't wait.

Anyway, I got really excited with the new house and ofcouse a NEW BEDROOM!! I already bought many accessories for making my bedroom looks cuter~ and also DIY some of my ugly wardrobe~ everything looks good so far~!! but Ofcourse what I need to make my new bedroom looks way cuter is a cute stand out 3d UNIQUE bedding!! and found this website Beddinginn . They have very cute bedding for Cute SAKE!!!

To those who read my blog, you know that I'm so g*y for animals~ LOL especially CAT and their family such as leopard, lion, tiger, etc. I even have alot of animal prints clothes back then lol. and Beddinginn have these Animal Print Bedding Sets ofcourse I checked it and couldn't decide which one I like the most LOL. Which one do you think is best? Tiger or fish? LOL 

3d Lying Tiger
Shark and Colorful Print

Vivilinen Red Rose

But but but guys.. Usually I use Floral Bedding. I have so many collections of these. Especially if it's these giant red rose. I always say YESSSS, I want one of this please please please pretty please

Bloomling Pink
Or Since lately I love love love gray color with a lil touch of pink~ I can not say NO to these beauty. What do you think?? Isn't it pretty?

And as for my sister's bedroom (yep I will choose for them haha) I will choose the Galaxy Bedding. Yep these will look good on their new bedroom. Check this out. What do you think?
Anyways, these bedding is also good for Gift. One of example is Christmas Bedding sets. They have alot more theme you can choose~ Go check it guys~ I recommend since there are alot to choose. I am sure you can find one of your favorite bedding ^_^v

You can also check them out on Instagram --> Beddinginn Ins and follow for latest collection info~

Thank you guys!!
See you on my next post
XOXO Inge Lakawa~ 

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