Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Best Elevator Shoes - Chamaripashoes.com

Hello dear reader~ Today's fashion post is about Elevator Shoes. This is something new for me because I don't shop for men. Let alone husband, I don't even have a boyfriend LOL. Anyway, Elevator shoes is like shoes that have thickened sections in the insoles so then the wearer will apper taller~ I guess it's just like women with high heels to make theirself more confidence. Men needs more confidence with the appearance too :D and Chamaripashoes.com makes the best Elevator shoes outthere~ :D

I'll show some of the shoes that I like. You can always check more of their shoes in the website, Here are some~

This is the sneaker version. Read so many good feedback about this shoes ^_^ You can check this here 

and the classic one. You can check it here. There are alot more shoes in the website ^_^

But my eyes caught the 'women' section hehehe and I cann't wait to check it out hahaha. There are not much to choose in the section but for sure there are many cute design. Of course still about elevator shoes. With the hight increase for around 8cm~!!! Here are some of the shoes that I like and again you can check it more in the website~

I am sorry, I am a bit*h for pink hahaha. I love everything that looks pink and the fact that it will make me look taller. I mean I am only 148cm.. so I can be around 156cm. That's a whole new world of highness I can feel haha. I don't wear high heels so often because it gets me tired so easily, probably because of the pointy design, right? but the sneaker version is something I can wear painlessly ^_^ and you can check this baby here

and of course GOLD is my favorite ^_^ love it so much :D I think it will goes awesome with everything in my wardrobe. And you can check this here.

Do you also like these kind of shoes??
Please let me know what you think ^^
and see you in next post~


By Inge Lakawa

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  1. Nicee!
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  2. Thanks for sharing! :)
    I follow your blog and can't wait for new posts! :D

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  3. Love these shoe style and the extra height they give.



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  5. nice shoes!

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  6. i loved the bunny ♥
    and this is one of my favorites header ♥ is so cute, did you design it? :)

    i follow you dear ♥

  7. I'm not too keen on shoes like these but it's quite interesting to have this option for men!



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