Monday, August 27, 2018

Ready For Autumn and Winter with FashionMia

Ready For Autumn and Winter with FashionMia

Hello dear reader, me again~ right now, my favorite snack is french fries but it has nothing to do with today's post hahaha. But if talking about favorite things to do, of course the answer would be SHOPPINGGG. And FashionMia is one of the online store site that I recommend you to check~ 
as for my favorite women's blouses. I will show you my top 6 from FashionMia :D

Ready For Autumn and Winter with FashionMia

1. I love the color, so blue like the clear sky in this summer season :D 
2. Simplicity never go wrong. I also love these kind of color too :D sorry, I talk too much about color haha but color for lyfe! it's important!
3. This blouses is kind of trend for hijaber in Indonesia :D again.. I love soft pink color haha
4. Unique and pretty ^^ Approved to be in my list lol
5. Cute big bow wrapping the hips :D 
6. and what a list without my favorite color. BLACK! so this beauty have to be here with cute lace pattern.

Ready For Autumn and Winter with FashionMia

and also since it's almost winter~ we need to check out,some outerwear for women
I found some really cute outer. and those above are my TOP 6!!

1. My f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e~ it color. it style. everything looks perfect in my eyes :D
2. Because all of us atleast need this kind of outer haha especially in really bold color.
3. Even tho, I myself don't like wearing fur. But this one is quite cute :D Also in the web they show pictures of some buyers. and the actual product looks really nice :D
4. I think it's a trend in South Korea? or at least that's what I see in alot of K-drama hehe
5. love it unique :D
6. I think it looks like the first outer I choose but this one with pattern ^^ So love it~

Here are my favorite ^_^v You can check what you like too~
See you in next post dear~


By Inge Lakawa

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  1. I love all the jackets you show *_*
    especially the pink one :D i love that colour!! i guess i have a thing for korean fashion ^^
    your blog is really nice, i was wondering if you would like to follow each other
    and stay in touch ^^ kisses!!

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

  2. Great post babes, love these blouses!! :)♥ I love your blog and I'm following it and hoping you could follow me back! xoxo


  3. Nice clothes!

  4. So many pretty pieces, hard to pick a favorite!


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