Monday, August 27, 2018

Ready For Autumn and Winter with FashionMia

Ready For Autumn and Winter with FashionMia

Hello dear reader, me again~ right now, my favorite snack is french fries but it has nothing to do with today's post hahaha. But if talking about favorite things to do, of course the answer would be SHOPPINGGG. And FashionMia is one of the online store site that I recommend you to check~ 
as for my favorite women's blouses. I will show you my top 6 from FashionMia :D

Monday, August 13, 2018

For You Who Love Shopping~

Hello dear reader!! How are you? I hope you are fine!! I miss my blog and want to blogging again in my free time ^_^ Also I lost just a little weight so I'm gonna show you all how not so fat I am!!!! huahuahuaha!! and as a girl, I am just like any other girls, we love shopping~! Right?! Am I right?! or Am I so right?? and shopping online is one of my favorite thing in the world. I've been shopping online alot this month. Mostly because right now I like this particular fashion style and it's hard to get cheaper price in an offline store huhu T^T.. I also follow some site that share information about discount, because just like other humanbeing, if there's same clothe in two stores, and the other one is cheaper, I am sure you are going to the cheaper one, right??!! hehehe and in 2018 Hasoffer Promo Code you and I can find very usuful information~~ Because I am nice just like that and like this. So I share what I know. Share=care haha

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