Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Been in this bussiness for almost 5 years. I had meet many various people. Some really nice person, some just the worse you can imagine -.-.. But since right now, I am so pissed off and remember all the bad sh*t happened so I need to share before I explode.

I once have a customer. Ask me to reply fast, fast, fast, fast. Like I only talk to her. She msg me at 5pm and want the cake to be deliver at 6pm. I explain to her so many things including the fact that I have to find a driver after the cake is done and it may take some times. Maybe she didnt get it. Perhaps she is just a moron. oh wait I think she IS a moron. Anyway, the cake finish in like 45min. Just so you know, it was fast. I work in a rush just for her sake. ofc the cake turn out to be pretty because I am just a simply smart cake artist duh.
And then, finally time to find a driver to deliver her cake. the first driver said he can. but took him really long time to get here. Meanwhile, she didn't get it and keep fussing me about why I am so slow and such -.-.. what an ungrateful little piece of sh*t. and I told her okey wait up I will find another driver who can come here faster.. while I am doing it, she keep fussing me! and blaming me! and when the cake finally arrived, no thank I get from her?? after all the rush?? for real you little asshole?? All I got only a msg about how I didn't work fast, about how I make her mom wait. and other shitty shit. If her mom know this fucker acted like this toward other people she must feel really sad.
Perhaps you are wondering why I took her order. Well, she wasn't the first person, sometimes I took order with only 1 hour work. But before her, I was never met someone like her never!! just until this little f*cker came to my life and ... yeah you know what they say, devil walks among us human. Guess, I just met one.

Another story. I do make custom cake. In a day I usually make around 10 cakes. So that means in a month I make 300 cakes.. so in a year I  make 3.600 cakes.. don't you think it's alot? yeah for me it is. So I think I am professional enough yeah right? So come this lady, asking me if she can change the design after the cake done if she didn't like it. Yeah I get it, I can understand her. So I told her, once the cake done, you can only ask for a change if I didn't make the cake like the design we already agree on. And then she said, what if the cake didn't look good? Can I have my money back??.. WTF lady just WTF WTF.. so I wasn't rude yeah. I reply.. well you can see my work in our social media, so usually the cake will turn out like that :)  (with a freaking SMILE okey??) and then this ladyhole still talking about it and I reply just the same as I told her before. And then she didn't reply me and she didn't order.. WELL THANK GOD. I don't know what trouble will I get if this lady continue and order. and I am not sure there is people who will take her order. So cocky

I'm feeling good after I wrote. I'll publish this and perhaps delete it later or not..
These are only 2 stories I remember right now. Actually there are alot more. But don't get me wrong okey. I told you there are like 3.600 cakes I make a year and two annoying stories. Means there are plenty good people and just a few real ass in the hat people. Sorry for the rude words. I am rude when I am rude. lol.


By Inge Lakawa
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