Thursday, March 8, 2018

Fashionmia: Cute Summer Outfit 2018

Fashionmia: Cute Summer Outfit 2018
Round Neck Colorful Pleated Skater Dress

Fashion: Cute Summer Outfit 2018 - you know summer is just in couple of moths \^o^/ and who's excited?? One of the best thing about summer is we can wear cute outfit that show our skin!! haha!!
and I will show you some cute outfits I found recently. As they said, sharing is caring ;) When I saw these outfit, I immadiately think about making a blog post about it. And here some of my favorite dresses for this 2018 summer~!!

Fashionmia: Cute Summer Outfit 2018
Off Shoulder Flounce Tropical Floral Printed Skater Dress
This cute skater dresses is good for summer, right?? Going to the beach with this. I can imagine :D The print is also pretty!! What I love about this dress is the off shoulder design. I always love off shoulder dress hehe. I found this dress in Fashionmia for $16 wohooo

Fashionmia: Cute Summer Outfit 2018
Round Neck High-Low Tiered Floral Hollow Out Skater Dress
Me and a princessy dress lol. I can't say NO with this kind of dress. Look like a princess dress in flower garden lol I don't even know what I am talking about. But the point is this dress is too pretty too be true but IT IS TRUE!! hahaha and It's only $28 right now after discount LOL WHAT WHAT gonna buy now. Do you like it too? or no? :D 

Fashionmia: Cute Summer Outfit 2018
Lightweight Curved Hem Mermaid Midi Skirts
You know when talking about dress, we can't aside talking about womens skirts too, right??  and for your summer party. I found this very cute and unique skirt >.< Love the design. I think it's draw people attention haha. Not because it's bad. but because of it unique haha!!

Fashionmia: Cute Summer Outfit 2018
Black Swing Midi Skirt
I know this skirt is so basic. But love the simplicity in it :) Black color is also good with all color outfit. It's also good to wear to a party, hangout, or even work~ I have a skirt similar to this but in cream color and it's good! I wear it a lot! ^_^ I'd love the one in black as well.

Fashionmia: Cute Summer Outfit 2018
Decorative Button Plain Woolen Flared Midi Skirt
in Fashionmia this skirt come in 3 colors to choose. Black, red and brown. I personally love this brown color. I love the line and the big button on the shirt. So pretty~!!

That is from me ^_^v 

So which on is your favorite? 
if your want to check more. You can go -> Fashionmia

By Inge Lakawa
See You in next post~

5 komentar:

  1. Really nice dresses and the last skirt really is pretty!

    Best, Gilda

  2. The dresses are so cute! And I love that skirts, the black one is perfect! =)


  3. Amazing clothes! <3

  4. I really like such skirts and I'm sure that every girl should wear such outfits. Nowadays we have a tendency all over the world when women don't want to wear girly looks and prefer jeans and trousers. The current interview follow up also shows this tendency.


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