Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fashion: I am Happy Anywhere I Can See the Ocean

Fashion: I am Happy Anywhere I Can See the Ocean - and even tho the tittle is about ocean. This post or the fashion is nothing about ocean at all hahaha. Because I think if I going to the beach wearing that style, it'll be really uncomfortable due to the hot sun on the beach hahaha. Well, I still wear my hijab tho but I just don't wear those top hihihi

You know, I stop with diet because.. life is too short to stress over a diet. Beside I am always a fat girl since I can't remember when huahuahua. Sorry not sorry for those belly fat sticking out of it place LOL. Anyways, Navy blue isn't my favorite color but I just bought those top so I have to wear it, right right?? I mean NEW CLOTHES ~~~ Too tempting to not wear it >.<

You know, I saw a miracle, It's making me realize that now I really believe of  God's work. I believe in faith. I believe that everything happen for a reason. The good the bad. EVERYTHING. It's God's plans. It's just amazing. So now I am more like, I will do everything I can do. But at the end of the day, I surrender everything to Allah :) So thankful for everything, I was a lazy girl, I thought that. this was enough. As long as nothing shit happen. It's good.. BUT NO!! I have to be more everyday. The better me :) So then, that's what I am going to do. I don't want to be lazy. I want to be more success. I want to be smarter lol. I want to be better than I am today. So Thank you God, for make me realize. That I can do better than I am now :) We can do better tomorrow than we are today :) 


By Inge Lakawa

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  2. Love your smile! :)

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