Saturday, January 27, 2018

Fashion: I Wanna Be A Tree

Fashion: I wanna be a tree - Hello Hello ^^  You know sometimes when I sit in toilet, doing the stuff lol. I always get so much ideas, inspiration!! I am so fire up with all the positive things!! I meant when I am in toilet, I will be me but with a lot more positive minds. But when I'm done, I meant the toilet business. I will be back to the usual me which is uhm... lazy, not organize, not everything.
It's just weird you know..~

But back to Today's fashion. This is something I wore to mall after very exhausted long work day.. I told me self, "Inge!! you deserve to be happy!!" So I went to mall and ate all the food I wanted to eat!

You know this blog is a place where I want to complain about everything!! Since nobody actually read this blog so yeah I can talk whatever I want while looking green like wasabi in those pic above..
You know working sometimes sucks, especially when you got a fussy customer like .. whatever you do, even if you give your best, it won't satisfied them because they are just an unhappy person, so negative, so self center >_>
You know I've been working, design and decorate the cake for 5 years and I learn only from watching youtube and searching google but not to brag, I am good. I am awesome!
So when a customer who knows nothing teach me like they are a pro them self >_> right in that moment, I wanna slap them and yell, IF YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN ME, SO DO YOUR OWN CAKE INSTEAD OF COMING TO ME !!
Sometimes I got a customer, just no matter what you do, really... They will complain. There is always always always something went wrong in their eyes.  I don't even think if I do what they say, they will feel please >_> because they are just that kind of person >_> oh.. my.. God.. please give me patient..
But Thank you God, I have plenty patient stock in myself. So I never yell or else at least -_-.. and yeah yeah you are right, I complain here. But not in front of their face -_-'

LOL my sister, how mean??? Taking picture of me looking like that. And what worse, it's the best pictures out of 5 pix LOL yeah it's okey lah ya, I look so happy hahaha

I usually don't wear green clothes but I was like, omg I never wear this green hijab, I should wear it uhmm and have to mix with something green too and then found that green top... so yeah that's what happened. Nothing special tho :D

Seee you in next post yeah~

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  1. Hi dear! Thank's for your visit and comment!

  2. Loving your style! You are so chic. Would you like to follow for follow on Bloglovin? :)



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