Sunday, December 3, 2017

Weekend Chit Chat - I can't reply

Not sure why I could not reply comment on my own blog -_-' like really.. why?
I google a little but couldn't find the solution but yeah I didn't search much. I will do it later when I have more time..

I just want to reply to this comment "I wish one day you could dress like me. But i respect your tradition..." by Marisa on my blog When You Said Bakpao - I Said I Want!!

I don't know if my English is wrong so I make someone misunderstood.. well English isn't my first language so yeah so I am sorry :( .. or if maybe Marisa just didn't get what I am saying in the blog because maybe first, she didn't read all, from top to bottom or maybe second, She didn't mean it 'that way' but her English sentence make it sound 'that way'..
But whatever it is. It's not like, I am annoyed or something I just think I have to say something about this..

The outfit that I wore is not a tradition.. It is the way a Muslim woman dress. So it's more like a religion rather than a tradition... and of course I choose to dress like that. Nobody force me. I am a free human being..

And I never wish to dress like you.. because why would I..? o_o I like the way I dress and even thought someday I dress like you. I certainly wouldn't 'wish' it first.. o_o just saying..

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