Thursday, November 16, 2017


Fashion - NO TITLE NEEDED - Don't mind me looking a little fat in this blog post.. It's not because I gain weight OKEY?! It's because those are old photos of me!! Well older than the previous post WHAHWHWHWA 'Cause I lost some weight, I feel a need to explain to the world!!  

I keep wondering why oh why woman can feel depression when they are on period. Because It's been daySS, I am feeling so blue oh my god.. I don't feel like working and more annoying is.. I keep worrying about the future!!!??!! I don't like worrying about future. I am more like a 'now' person you know. It's important to do best NOW. I mean tomorrow is God's plan. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.. So yeah, when I am depressing I keep thinking about me in the future!! God Help ME,, please...

I keep looking the positive me in this situation but I could NOT find her!! WHERE ARE YOU MOFO?? I am the negative me and keep talking shit and reply people so annoyingly!!!! Whatever lah..... It will end eventually. I blame the hormone LOL Just wait tomorrow, it gets better I am sure..

Been reading SO MUCH yaoi manga now LOL I can't wait to make the part 2 of this FUJOSHI ONLY - TOP 10 YAOI & SHOUNEN AI MANGA - God, I found and read ALOT of good good yaoi mangas. Also I watched nice BL series and movies WHAHAHA. What happened to me.. why I am wasting my time like this.. LOL I should write the japanesse motto on my forehead. But you know what?? Regretting wasted time is more wasted time!! So whatever lah, I felt happy that time and that's what matter, right?? please say I am right, cause woman always right... wtf I am talking now..

I look like my mom in this picture, this will be the proof that I am my mom's daughter.. So if someone say to me 'your mom found you under the bridge' now that's totally a bull to the shit.. cause I will show them this one picture where I look exactly like my mom!!

oh yeah talking about the outfit, I wore this nice outfit very comfy to wear, except the necklace because it's pretty heavy maybe you can tell by looking..
I like the color.. what I don't like is why I look fat in those pictures. I mean It's not the fat looking that I like. hahaha
And the sandal I wore now RIP, it was broken when I met this guy who are so dumb don't know what I meant when I said 'please leave me ALONE' or maybe because I don't say it clear.. but if he read this now, yeah I am talking about you right now *roll eyes to the right, up, left, down* when I said I don't want, It really means what it is.. NO MESSAGE WHATSOEVER BEHIND IT. IT'S LITERALLY WHAT IT MEANS.. for f*cks sake ...

By Inge Lakawa (who is now in bad mood)
See you in next post!!

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