Monday, November 20, 2017

Fashion - Seven Days Without Chocolate Makes One Week

Fashion - Seven Days Without Chocolate Makes One Week - oh yeah it has been how many days since my last post..? *checking last post ..* Oh yeah 4 days!! ^^ Nothing much happened though. Just the usually day, but finally over with the depressing days! Still reading too many yaoi manga LOL and watch some BL movies LOL oh my god what happened??? LOL

Anyways I took the MBTI test since my sister keep talking about how she is an INSJ and it's pretty rare LOL always wants to be the special one huh yeah?? Anyways again, I am ISFP hahaha. 'the artist' they said. Not rare tho yeah but all what it said it's true!!! You should go take the test online too ^^ cause it's fun for you to know more about yourself!

I didn't take many photos nowdays.. simply because I am home most of time!! and also.. no other reason than lazy... I love my laziness, my laziness makes me creative. How lame for a person to search in the internet or watch youtube about 'how to stop being lazy' like come on guys.. if you want to stop being lazy, you actually know what to do without search it, right? well it's always come from you first. LOL how lame for you to actually search that kind of things hahahaha I don't even sure, you will stop being lazy after knowing 'how to' LOL

yeah so those are some OLD photos. Since the most recent one is yeah.. just didn't take it lah
I wore a pants that I just bought that day for real! And that day would be the last time I wore it because yeah.. as you can see, I look fat in it.. =,= Maybe when I get a little slimmer, it will look good on me hahaha

ok well well
See you in next post
By Inge Lakawa!! My real name didn't even contain 'Inge' in it .. but Lakawa is my family's name. just some FYI..

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  1. Today are holidays in my country, and I have a few days for laziness) This is time for my fav tv-shows and books ^_^

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