Friday, November 3, 2017

Fashion: Chocolate and Dark Chocolate (kekeke)

Fashion: Chocolate and Dark Chocolate (kekeke) - you know what's hard? Making a title. Oh God hard work.. It took me 15 seconds to finally come up with this title and it's not even good haha.. Anyways, my sister said "Sis, it's boring taking picture in the garden, just do in the bedroom" So here I am.. in my sister's bedroom with a shoes after my maid mopped the floor, I felt guilty.. 'sorry..'

So I just bought this pants! It's cute I think, love the pattern but love the color more! It's kind of like chocolate bar, I love chocolate, chocolate is my second favorite flavor  after cheese ofcourse!! But I am pretty sure I don't want people see me looking like a cheese..

The black top is actually a dress. But since I am wearing hijab now so this is how I wear it!! whahaha. Oh but sometimes I just wear it at home and ofcourse I don't wear pants under.. I mean who's gonna see.. and then I look at the mirror and said out loud "I kinda look like Song Hye Kyo when I wearing it like this, right sist???" but ofcourse they deny if yeah.. I mean they always jealous so yeah... hahahaha God I wish I find my Soo Joong Ki soon *love love

Anyways, I lose some weight so this cheeks of mine, which alot of people called it 'bakpao' or 'telur (egg)' or whatever round thing they named it. It's slowly but sure~ will disappear!! Because yeah!! No more baby ass cheeks!!  I will be a girl with an anime face!! A girl can have a dream.. right.. T^T

Since I am too lazy to check the brand.. and I am pretty sure they don't sell it worlwide so No brand add, okey? haha

See you in next post!!
By Inge Lakawa (as always cause my sisters are too lazy to write a blog post..)

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  1. Lovely Look
    We wish you a great day

  2. So cute

  3. Great outfit, dear, you look wodnerful!

  4. Great post!

    You have a nice blog!

    Would you like to follow each other? (f4f) Please let me know on my blog with a comment! ;oD

    Have a great day!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  5. cool outfit!
    thanks for sharing!!

  6. Nice outfit! You look so cute!


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