Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Fashion - Because When You Said Bakpao - I said I want!!

Fashion - Because When You Said Bakpao - I said I want!! - Do you know how easy actually to make this kind of post? haha. I meant I just have to take some picture of me wearing some 'what i think' good clothes and then edit a little bit and write some things that nobody care lol and post it!! Done.. and the 'tittle' is not even related to the post...
But I like all the process. Being a fashion blogger makes me more care about how I look, makes me think 'what should I wear in today's post', makes me wants to lost some weight to look cuter and other's positive things ^^v

Again this is OLD photos okey.. I once became a fatty cute person LOL and love looking like a woman who already gave birth to 10 children even though I myself am a single person who forget how it feels to be loved by a guy.. *wait what ahahaha* I meant I choose to be, all right?? This heart of mine is fragile also precious, I love my heart like how much gollum love 'the ring' okey? I don't want it to be in pain lol or at least I am not ready to be in pain? *thinking* I meant.. to be in love with someone means you are ready to feel others feeling too.. such as happy.. sorrow.. pain?? I read somewhere, it said, 'you are not afraid to love. you are afraid of not being loved back' So now I don't know.... oh my God.. this love things is soooo hard to understand O__O Okey I give up

Yeah I meant this one. Those ass cheeks haunted me for months.. finally I get rid of it now hahaha.
I really am not looking great in 'Kulot' pants. I look bad in it.
This is really the usual outfit for a hijaber in Indonesia. They like wearing this kind of outfit and put little necklace  yeah.. So I just wear what's on trend that time ^^v

Also is not the best background photos but LOL it's funny AF hahahahahaha.. My god others fashion blogger take such amazing photos with amazing view in the background. Meanwhile.. wtf am I doing.. hahahaha. But it's cute, right?? It's colorful!!

See you in next post
By Inge Lakawa always~

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  1. I wish one day you could dress like me. But i respect your tradition...
    Xoxo from Portugal

  2. Thank you for visit to my blog ;)
    I follow your blog - it's great place! :)

  3. Great post dear!

  4. Great! I follow you!


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