Thursday, October 19, 2017

FASHION: Gray and Blue

FASHION: Gray and Blue

FASHION: Gray and Blue - YOLO YOLO :D Me and fashion post again. I'm feeling great lately! Which is amaaaziiingg. Because as maybe you can read in my older post, I been depressed but thank you God I found my path and I finally back alive!!

So in Today's fashion I went shopping to a mall and choose this outfit. Lately I like pastel color. I used to like bright color such as red and red and red hahaha. My clothes are mostly red because the color can makes my skin looks whiter. The whiter you are, the more beautiful people think you are.. well so asian lah~

I wear light brown pants and gray top, my shoes is also gray. But to make it more bright, I think Navy Hijab suit just well. :)

Actually I have more pictures I took. But.. I don't know why it's gone.. :( Oh well.. 

FASHION: Gray and Blue

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By Inge Lakawa

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