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WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? - So like 4 years ago, I did this 'WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?' post, you can read it >> here. I read the post yesterday and I amazed by so many things that actually can makes me happy :D I read it and feel happy too!! Since it's been many years already. I decided to do it again, this time is more like, something to remind my self on something I should be thankful in life !!

1. I am happy I am alive :D or I am still alive hahaha
2. I am happy my family member are all alive and healthy :D Thank you God. I can't thank You enough. Please keep them safe, healthy and happy :D
3. I am happy I have many cats as pet. When I am down, I will just sit on my cat's room and just look at them playing and running around. It's just happy to see. It's happiness!!
4. I am happy because after so many hard years finally the good years come :D a year where I don't have to think so hard.. not a stress year..
5. I am happy because it's easy to get money. I think it's my lucky years. :D

6. I am happy I am working
7. I am happy I can be so proud of my job :)
8. I am happy my hard work is paid :D
9. I am happy to be productive every single day!!
10. I am happy people love my work :)

11. I am happy I don't have any acne lol only sometimes when I am on my period.. lol
12. I am happy I lose some kilogram.. I am not that fat anymore.. hiks..
13. I am happy I have many clothes I can choose to wear because I lost some kg LOL
14. I am happy I can put some make up and use it just right.. LOL
15. I am happy I love my self just like the way I am and not get insult so easily when someone mocking hahahaha for real, who the fuck cares about people opinion. For sure, I don't life to makes you happy hahahaha

16. I am happy I still can eat
17. I am happy I am not on a diet but on a healthy lifestyle LOL
18. I am happy it's so easy to order food right now  because I can 'go-jek in aja'
19. I am happy there are soooooo many sweet yummy food I can choose out there
20. Also most important I am happy to have a money on my own to buy every food that I want hahaha God I love working to make good money!

21. I am happy that I love Naruto manga LoL
22. I am happy Naruto and friends are all grown up just like me now hahaha except the fact that they are married and have children now. Something that I am not ... just yet haha
23. I am happy Sasuke and Sakura are now married and have a daughter!!
24. and and the daughter of Sasusaku couple, Sarada, is a nice girl. Not an annoying character at all :D 
25. and and also my Naruto manga book is almost complete!! YAY!! if a manga book is not that expensive nowdays I already complete it long ago >_>

26. I am happy because I think I am a better person than I was
27. I think I am more patient now.. which makes me happy
28. I also think I am an understanding person.. which makes me happy as well
29. I am happy I grow up to be someone I myself like ( make sense, right?)
30. I am happy now that I finally put my self first :D Someone makes me realize my happiness is as important as other happiness as well :D

31. I am happy I pray more often than I used to
32. I am happy some of my wish came true :D
33. I am happy I wear hijab
34. I am happy I am more into thankful to God than complaining about life to God :)
35. My motto is to always and always say my thankful to God for everything whether is good or bad. and I am happy I am still doing it till now :D I hope I never be angry to God no matter what happen. I hope I always remember, sometimes shit just happens out of nowhere because that's what God wants me to deal and I just have to keep my faith 

36. I am happy I design our house interior :)
37. and it turns out to be a real good shit hahaha
38. I am happy I can see someone like Taeyong NCT - for real, he is a living manga guy. I told you guys.. this is a secret, I am a fujoshi LOL and TY will look just great to be an uke .. My God forgive me but for real guys.. The 'love' feels more real. I hope I don't get any Karma by liking it haha *crying inside :'(
39. I am happy there are soooooo many good great amazing wonderful mangas I can choose to read!!
40. I think I am happy that I am almost 26 years old even though I wish I marry when I am 25 yrs old.. but oh well hahaha looks like God have other plans, guess it must be a good one :D

41. I am happy I have cats who love me
42. My cats show the love to me by always come when I call their name..
43. My male cat, Edward, always sleep with me wherever I sleep, he always found me and sleep next to me. HOW CAN YOU NOT HAPPY?? well I don't care about you. but For sure, I AM HAPPY of this wmuahahahahaha this is a dream came true!! Always wish for a  cat like him! Finally have one!
44. I am happy Fufu is healthy and I think she is happy too. Fufu is my female cat. We are together almost 5 yrs old. I promise to Nebu (Fufu's husband) before he died. I said I will taking good care of her so do not be worry :D.. well I am not the person who always taking care for her hahaha but I do care about her health and happiness, right fu??
45. I am happy I have a cat's room for my cats in my house :D

46. I am happy that a guy I used to really love now life a happy live :) He has a family now. Something I always wish for him. I used to wish, for him to have a family and finally he has one. it's just amazing to see :D He might not read this blog, but if he does, I just want you to know, your family picture,where you, your wife and son together smiling so happily. To see that it's always put a smile on my face :D
47. I am happy I put Itachi Uchiha action figure in my car LOL. I am driving while smiling like crazy person while looking at him.. madly in love with Uchiha's family!!
48. I am happy I know what kind of husband I want. Someone making me realize that 'someone who makes me a better me' is a top on my list!! Thanks to this one person. your mistake makes me realize that looking a husband is not about where he work.. how much money he has.. how good looking he is.. LOL but someone who makes you a better you :D you become someone who remember God, you can see a future when you are with him :D
49. I am happy I can still write something in this blog. Happy to have a blog :D
50. I am happy I am smart :D don't care about what you think!! I don't! hahaha

So that's what makes me happy :D

see you in next post
by Inge Lakawa

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