Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fashion : I bought A New Skirts !

Hello Guys!

Today I wanna post about my new skirts that I bought few days ago from one of my favorite boutique in my town and I felt very lucky because I got a special price which is 50% off every item and it's so amazing! it's not even a holiday time or big day so I really am surprise to found out about the special price! woo hoo!!

Though I only bought 3 skirts because this skirts is the one that suits me among others. And I really really like it. I only took a photo of the skirt but next time I'm going to post my OOTD with it :)

This maroon  skirt is adorable. I love dot around the bottom. it's  lovely !

My most favorite is this pink skirt because when I put it on me it looks swell and it is absolutely gorgeous. And I like the fact that the color is pink soft, it's actually the first pink skirt I ever own XD it's a bell skirt, I think.

the detail lace in this grey pleated skirt is gorgeous and nice. I fell in love the first time I see it. Its probably didn't appear well on the photo but it's actually a 2 layer skirt. the first layer on inside is short and the front is layer full of pattern lace  and it's transparent so when you put it,  you can still see the inside layer and it's beautiful :)

So, that's it. Do you like my new skirts? which one do you think is prettier ? ^^
I'll see you soon on my next post!


35 komentar:

  1. adorable skirts, love both of them.

  2. These skirts are gorgeous! Love how you laid them out too :)
    Habba x

  3. So cutee :D I love the pink one it's so beautiful

  4. This is super cute!

  5. These skirts are really lovely, especially that maroon:)


  6. Hello.

    Your blog is lovely. *-* I WANT THE FIRST SKIRT!!!

    Would you like to follow each other via GFC? I followed you, I hope you will follow back. XOXO ♥

    My blog - Aminique

    My Instagram - @fazlicamina

  7. All of these look amazing!!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  8. The last one is so special - can't get over it!!

    XX from Germany
    Want Get Repeat

  9. lovely :)


  10. So cute, all of them!

  11. Great post  I like this photo!
    I follow your blog :) I hope you will follow me back!

  12. All three of those skirts look beautiful and wonderfully feminine!
    I love the colour, design and mesh inlay near the hem of the deep red skirt, the colour and satiny sheen of the pink skirt, and the beautiful lace overlay of the third skirt.
    I love all three of your new skirts!


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