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Does Sasuke Love Sakura? (NARUTO MANGA)

WHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read manga since I was little, now I am a 25 years young girl LOL so I don't read manga that much, only some in LINE WEBTOON. I have a lot of manga books and Naruto is one of my favorite among many mangas that I've read :D Omg I was soooooo young when I first read it. I grew up with it whahaha.

Anyways.. it's been looooongggg time since I read Naruto. Simply because it's over now. But before that, when the manga was almost over, I didn't really read that much thought cause it's just too many fight scene, too many things that make it continue (you know like how 'one piece' is).. but maybe it's simply because I just grew up and interesting in something older girl like~ you know~ ;) and manga is not one of it hahaha

And like few weeks ago! HAHAHA!!! This guy, Sasuke Uchiha was on my instagram wall because that day was his birthday LOL!!! and then I become really interest on how Sasuke doing now.. (in manga world ofc lol) I knew he marry Sakura and such. Well, You know.. I was that person who believe that it's weird for Sasuke to be A MARRIED PERSON!! and he also has a DAUGHTER!! OH MY GOD.. that's shocking and and the daughter is same age as NARUTO's SON! whahahaha just woowww amazing.. like too much to consume.. I mean he is sasuke.. people who read the manga from beginning know how Sasuke is!! right?? hahahaha!! it's SASUKE!! come on..

In my mind, the person like Sasuke would rather be a loner person. Like doing things that he wants.. travel the world maybe or what... but having a family.. especially with Sakura, OMG I don't know.. it was just shocking. At first I think that's just so weird he is suddenly with Sakura... I was that person who didn't like Sakura, I think Sakura is annoying just like Sasuke said. But now I do like Sakura!! hahaha I'll tell you the reason later if you interest thought hahaha

But then I think again.. Sakura is the right person for Sasuke. I mean she always care for him her entire life! Amazing, right! Even after so many things happened she forgive and care!! :D

It's just so weird for me that people keep asking about does Sasuke really love Sakura when Masashi Kishimoto write so well about it.. I mean no doubt lah he loves her!!
If you read NARUTO GEIDEN: The Seventh Hokage ( YOU MUST READ IT!! It's only 10 chapter for real!!)
In there you can see how Sasuke loves Sakura dan his daughter, Sarada :D
OMG I can't even believe how people asking this dumb question!!! Again, Kishi write it so well~!!
The fans think love is when someone kissu kissu or showing 'love' gesture to the world.. Love is not as simple as that.. wait who am I to teach you about love.. but oh well.. I am sure you know what I mean.. right???
In Naruto gaiden you can see how Sasuke is worrying Sakura and Sarada. You can see how he cares about them. Just because he is not with them all the freaking time that does NOT mean he did NOT love them. You must remember (or know) why in the hell he is doing what he is doing now..

okey first..

It's a manga.. just like a movie you know. They won't show you every minute happen in one character life, right?? So again  you don't know what happen in EVERY MINUTE OF THEIR LIFE!

and second.. you must read Naruto Geiden: The Seventh Hokage.

- Some people said, it is evil for Sasuke to never return home to be with his family... guys come on. you know well, why he is leaving. In Naruto Geiden, He told you, guys..  he is looking for someone  more powerful than Kaguya, and this someone is close to the village. Omg hard work!! and it's something ONLY SASUKE CAN DO! not naruto.. nor kakashi.. or whatever, but SASUKE .. I think this is important mission you know. I mean if it's too late,,, I mean if he is lazing around and someone more powerful than kaguya come and destroy the village.. I think bye bye family, no more family. Sakura knows well. That's why Sakura is not so fussy about it :> (I'm not sure why the anti-fans is the fussiest one). Guys, We know Sakura deserve better but remember this is the path she choose and I am sure Sakura knows Sasuke well to know that this would happen :)

- Some people said it's evil for Sasuke to never send later to his family but rather send later to Naruto.. guys come on.. As I said before. You know what happen every minute in their life. Just because Kishi didn't show it in manga does not mean it never happen, right? I mean Kishi only Show you when Sasuke send later to Naruto. But that doesn't mean Sasuke NEVER send anything to Sakura... :>

- Some people said that is evil for Sasuke to not recognize his own daughter.. yeah this one I agree. I mean that's so asshat for him to not recognize. But but but.. you can see in his expression how sorry he is about it :>

 he is also admit that is it his fault... :) (what a man.. hihihi)

- You can see how hurry and annoyed he is when Sakura got kidnap :)

hurry Sasuke is quite cute hahaha!! He also yell when Naruto and Sarada is late.

- The popular one is when Sasuke said this to Orochimaru. 

Auwauwauw!!! Judging from Sarada expression, I think she also realize something :) Her mom and dad is care one to another :)

and this one.. helping Sakura right away.. my god .. T^T.. I can't believe that cold heart Sasuke is now having a family he care about T^T love this Uchiha's family!!
After that you can also see worried Sasuke when Sarada got attack.. in case you think Sasuke didn't care about his family.. well, read it! 

- OMG OMG!! this one is the best I think :) Just read it and you'll understand :)

What a beautiful expression T^T Masashi Kishimoto why are you so smart T^T

This one is beautiful too :) 

- I think in this one, Sakura didn't ask for a kiss. I think she ask for a poke in forehead! But as usual Sasuke being Sasuke and no romance whatsoever.. which is good I think. Because it's just the way he is :) Doesn't have to show the world you know :)

I can say out loud, HE DOES LOVE HER!! He wouldn't acting like that if he doesn't care~~ and and caring is loving~ I meant you won't care someone if that someone is not important to you, right..
Also he has a daughter with Sakura, it means something. He choose Sakura to make a family with him and make her wear the Uchiha clan symbol. Well if you still think Sasuke doesn't love Sakura. Well.. what you think doesn't matter to them, they are still a family.. so.. yeah.. LOL

Sakura is a hero for this family :) who wants to be Sakura? I don't for sure because who wants to be in her position? but..
She is a loving wife who understand very well how her husband like and so she didn't ask for many and waiting patiently. Awesome! Also she raising her daughter all by herself. The daughter become a smart and nice person who is now dreaming to be a Hokage!! You are awesome Sakura!! :D

Okey see you till next post ;)
By Inge Lakawa

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