Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Time! Swimwear and Playsuit from YOINS

Hey dear,What season is your favorite??

If someone ask me this question , my answer is summer season. One of the reason is because in my country, Indonesia,  we always have a summer in the whole year. Indonesia is a tropical country. So we have a tropical weather in here. Mostly is hot, sometimes it rains J

So you see , since I’ve never visit another country with 4 seasons on it, I’ve never experience myself in  other seasons to become fall in love with it. Althought winter sounds nice, but  I still think summer is the best for fashion  because in this seasons we can wear any dress we want to. Short dress + sandals. Tank top or any kind of shirt with jeans or short skirt. so, summer is lovely J

And anyway, the best part about summer is you can spend the time on vacation, go to beach, or tropical island, or just swim in swimming pool or go to a fun park  to play water such as waterpark.  
So since it’s been summer in many countries now, i want to make a wishlist of my  favorite Fashion swimwear from YOINS

1. Army Cross Front Bodycon Bikini Swimwear

I really really like this one! it's sexy, and sporty, and I love the cross front cropped top that made this swimwear special. if you are visit the store, you will find many various color of this swimwear such as red, brown , white. And all of other colors are no less gorgeous than this one.

2. White Contrast Cut Out Swimsuit

 are you looking for a swimwear that doesn't open up too much but still sexy? then this one is the best choice.  The contrast black and white and the cut out detail make this swimwear perfect.

3. Lace Insert Cut Out Swimsuit in Black

I can't make a fashion wishlist without insert an item with a lace on it. and if you are love lace in fashion outfit just like me than you can consider this gorgeous one. It looks stand out with sleeveless and lace insert on it. It's sexy with black color and it is also available in white color too.

4. White Sexy Off Shoulder Patchwork Design Swimwear

At first I'm thinking wether it will comfortable enough to wear  an off shoulder swimwear for swim? But I think, well yeah, of course it is XD plus you have to agree with me that this one look sexy and gorgeous. very suitable for going beach and swimming :)

5. Black Sexy Cut Out Straps Swimsuit

This is also on my list. a swimsuit with a cut out straps around the body. it's only available in black color but with a little detail print rainbow ( I think ) it definitely nice :)

 and you can find a tons of chic and gorgeous plus sexy fashion swimwear.

I also make a wishlist of my favorite sexy playsuit from YOINS because.. why not? :) I mean it's really is the best season to wear playsuit and I find a dozens of different playsuit in the store and it's all lovely. I put a little detail of how to combine it with. check this out.

1. Lace-up Front Playsuit

simple yet gorgeous and sporty! okay. I love this one especially because it looks very comfortable to wear and easy to move. I love the lace up front it make this playsuit sexy. combine this one with sneakers and hat like the one in picture and don't forget the perfect sunglasses for summer. obviously we don't need to add a necklace but a bracelet would be sweet :)

2. Navy Sexy Strapless Random Floral Print Choker Playsuit

I love how the back looks totally different than the's sexy and the floral print give a summer vibe. it is nice to wear a high heels like the one in the photo or simply wear a sandals and add a summer hat. I don't think an accessories is needing since its already looks stunning. 

3. Vintage Style Off Shoulder Floral Print Playsuit

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this one! it's just so gorgeous and pretty! it looks like dress but its a playsuit! okay! how nice is that. I love the print that looks like batik. and I love how elegant it is but at the same time it is also sexy. If I have this one, I like to combine it with a wedges sandals. and a little wooden bracelet and also not-to-forget a summer hat.

others playsuit that you can also find in YOINS. and there are still dozens of fantastic and gorgeous sexy playsuit  in there.

so that's it guys! my list of sexy swimwear and playsuit. hope you enjoy and interest enough to take a look and visit YOINS. you will find dozens of wonderful items in there. the store also sell gorgeous dresses for summer. you can also find an accessories, bags and shoes in there . just clik the link below and find out. FYI, all of this items in upstairs is on sale right now. and you can find many great offers and discount too for othe items. 

I hope it'll help you find the best outfit to wear in this lovely summer. as hot as it is suppose to be in a summer XD 


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  1. Unos bikinis muy chulos!

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  3. very nice choices!! love this post! must check them out myself!

  4. What beautiful pieces, I loved all your choices.
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