Tuesday, February 7, 2017

REVIEW ZAFUL: Sleeve Lace Spliced Dress

REVIEW ZAFUL: Sleeve Lace Spliced Dress

REVIEW ZAFUL: Sleeve Lace Spliced Dress - Hello How are you? I hope you are doing fine. Well.. I am doing fine as well if someone care. In fact I am too fine and become too fat as you can see in the picture whahaha. But even so, fat won't stop me from looking good in fashion right?? Got the dress from www.ZAFUL.com and in love when it arrived because first, it fit me just well!! and second, the lace on my arms looks so cuteee <3  

cheap lace dress red
I told you right? The lace looks so cute :) . I love this kind of dress with lace that show my skin. Because it looks kindda like tattoo, that's what I think tough haha.

dress for summer 2017
just love this picture cause it looks a little young than my actual age, yes? (no...? lol) 
and also use it as my instagram profile pic. If you want to follow my IG @inge_lakawa but mostly post about my cats haha.

baju cantik lengan renda murah
Anyways, the materials is cotton blend and lace. So it's light (yes ofc lah) . For my height is not too short tough, just right length. Silhouette is straight, I like wearing it that way, even though I look fatter but if you don't like, wear belt will be a good option ;)

Dress: Zaful - here
Bag: dresslink - review here
Shoes: Nevada
Sock: Matahari

Taking picture at LIPPO MALL SIDOARJO

See you in next post :D
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  1. You are so so so fashionable and beautiful, dear.
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  2. this outfit is so cool, and I love this bag and Dress so much!!

    Tnx for comment me!!

  3. hi boleh minta penjelasan cara pembayaran di zaful? Aku pengen beli tapi gangerti cara bayarnya gimana? Dan aku gapunya cc apa harus pake cc?

    1. hallo. aku biasanya beli pake paypal. kalau cara masukkan uang di paypal bisa search aja di google ya. biasanya pke cc jg, tpi kalau gk punya cc ada yg buka jasa kok.


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