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FASHION : Exotic wallets from FARBOD BARSUM

exotic bags Farbod Barsum

Hello everyone! how are you?
I hope you all well :) how was february ?
>Mine was good so far :D

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you do realised that I had many info about many  many fashion stores. Usually is online store with beauty fashion items. and I like to shared my opinion about many fashion shop that I knew. And hopefully it will help you find the right place to spend your time and money to buy a beauty fashion product with no regrets :D

Beverly hills boutiques

lately, I found this wonderful store . it's a store based on beverly hills in the U.S . this boutique is so gorgeous and beautiful. You can find alot of fabulous bags, clutches, accessories such as all of those type of wallet. the important part about this boutique is that they used a skins material.

To be honest, I don't liked skins product. But if you guys liked it then I'll recommend you with this store because from what I read the sources, those skins are suistainably harvested and dyed in chrome free tanneries and it is ecologically sound.  So you can find a luxury items in there, beautiful and exotic. believe me. Because that's what I see when I visited their website

and alot of hollywood celebrities buy and used Farbod Barsum items in any variant occassions. Nicole Scherzinger, Sarah Paulson, PINK, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jennifer Morrison, Carly Rae Japsen, Louise Rou, Christina Hendricks,

Speaking about wallet, as it is what they also sell, it is very rare for me to post anything about it. and just a few weeks ago, when I go to mall I'm looking for a new wallet for a gift. something that looks elegant and classic. and mostly all of product of Farbod Basum are like that :) So I'll show you some of product wallets in Farbod Barsum. My favorites. I’ll bet you agree with me that it’s all looks nice  ^^

check it out :
ladies alligator wallet

This is a " plain Black Alligator "

ladies alligator wallet

This is a " Nude Alligator "
( Nude is one of my favorite color for an item because i can matches with any color outfit )

ladies alligator wallet
" Strip Brown Allligator "

Those three are a 
Ladies alligator wallet . and as I mention it above that Farbod Barsum is using a skins material for their product. The wallets are all looks similiar but in a different color and the important part is a high quality they made. So no doubt about how luxury it is. 

they also have other wallet items such as :

ladies alligator wallet

This is " Irish Blue Ostrich "
( Don't you think is gorgeous? I really like the way it look )

ladies alligator wallet

" Flame Red Lizard "

The red color in it doesn't look to bright which is good because it looks classic and elegant. The design is also simple. So I like it :D

ladies alligator wallet

" Electric Blue Ring Lizard "

I understand why it called electric. I got the sensasion when I see it. And it looks unique somehow. and retro also )

Well if ladies can  have what they wanna have in there so do men XD there are also a wallet for men as you can see below. You probably wanna think about give your dad / husband / boyfriend / brothers a gift? :D

Check It Out :

mens alligator wallet

" Strawberry Alligitor "

mens alligator wallet

" Silver Alligator "
A safe wallet to pick. Because black or brown is too mainstream XD

mens alligator wallet

" Mykonos Alligator "
I think this one is cool!

Those three are my favorite Mens Alligator wallet , You can also check it on the website. And
they also have other wallet items such as :

mens alligator wallet

“ Cypress Ostrich “

mens alligator wallet

“ Gunmetal Ostrich “
Oh! I like this one 

mens alligator wallet

“ African Violet Lizard “
A rare color I’ve seen for a mens wallet. That’s why I pick this to my list :D

So those are my favorite list of wallets from Farbod Barsum. And I mention it again, all the items are a skins materials. An exotic skins which is known for their unique markings and suppleness and also one of the most durable skins available. The design and variant colors is suits for any occasions.  That's what made farbod Barsum special. If you go to the website you can see a large image of the items by click on it. So even from the picture you can feel the sensation of the skins material on it. There are also many variants bags items. And I adored the design because it just looks fabulous. I’m amazed. I don’t know if it can deliver worldwide but you can check it on the website.  If you are a resident in the U.S then you can order via online too. And they will deliver it for free. I hope I can help you to find what you’re looking for. If you already knew about Farbod Barsum product tell me your opinion in the comment  down below, and tell me which item do you like
J I will appreciate it guys :D

Thank you for reading. Enjoy your day

❤ Happy Shopping  

Posted by Icha Lakawa :) See you in next post~

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