Saturday, November 19, 2016

FASHION: In Love With Paris

Gaya anak muda jaman sekarang

FASHION: In Love With Paris - Halloo Halloo?? How are you fellas? I hope you are doing great! OKeyy!! So it's raining season already in Indonesia and I am sure winter in some part of the earth cause christmas is coming!! But even thought, I said it's raining season, the weather is really confusing.. sometimes raining all day.. sometimes soooo hot like WTF.. yeah weather please make up your mind.. hahaha.

But but let's we remember when it's summer. I would like to go walking around dressing so cool like that     ↑ . Showing people that I love PAARRIIISSS but I am not really bcause I actually love my own country Indonesia but whatever ya
Kpop blackpink outfit

So the top is made from a fabric that made you can see my skin bwahaha (I don't dress like this thought, It just made for the sake of this blog fashion cause that's how the trend is LOL I always cover my skin huh)
And the dark gray jeans short and pair it with ninja sandals that I bought in Kendari city (my dad's home city) yaayyy \m/
And and the most favorite in this combination is my bag!! Kind of looks like japanese student bag but the logo made it looks classy (I think yeahhh) I bought in Kendari city too, very cheap but very very very good quality, I wish I can go there again and buy more (just if the plane ticket is not so expensive sob sob T_T..) 

Tas murah cantik

Kpop black pink pakaian

Top: I am sorry I forgot T_T
Short: Nevada
Shoes: Vanmeiny
Bag: Somewhere in Bali
Earring: Dresslink - here

OKeyy See ya in next post ^_^
By Inge Lakawa

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  1. Wow! What a cool backpack!
    Have a nice new week!

  2. amazing bag :)
    a sweet kiss
    Sara M.


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