Thursday, June 23, 2016


easy homemade brownie

Well.. well.. well.. I own my own cakery shop. I proud of it because I have a lot of customers. But something you don't know maybe.. I can't make a cake.. any cakes.. whatsoever. Bwahahaha.. Well I plan to learn (someday).
I am an artist you know. I do art~ So I decorate the cakes, cause decorated cake have way more value than regular cake, right??

Anyways~ One day.. I make the easiest cake, BROWNIE!! and it turn out to be the best brownie~ I guess I have talent ;) Even thought I am the only one who ate the cake in my family LOL but whatever lah I still think it's the best brownie.

cara membuat brownies mudah

Look at those~ so chocolate~ I used the Amanda Brownie recipe I found in google (thank you google)
I think I should add some chocochips, right? So then when I bite it, I can feel more and more chocolate melting in my mouth.. haaaa and and and and maybe some cheese in the middle? what do you think? Cheese will be awesome!! Two of my favorite ingredients in one, I'll be a little closer to heaven when I eat it~ haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yum yum yummy~

brownies murah dan enak

My friend.. if you think you can't bake any cake.. well you are wrong~
If I can make brownie. I am sure you can... I am the girl who never go to kitchen to make food or bake. But look~ I made this beauty (if you don't think it's beautiful, I stab you in the back!! bwahahahahaha *evil laugh *kidding.. ;)

See you in next post~!!! keep supporting me yeah by leaving comment *snot* cause I publish blog articles EVERYDAY! how awesome???

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  1. Wow these are so cute haha, good job! <3

  2. Looks delicious

    Love Vikee

  3. Great job, they look delicious!

    Please check out my new fashion inspiration blog:
    Thanks! x


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