Wednesday, December 30, 2015


FUJOSHI ONLY - TOP 10 YAOI & SHOUNEN AI MANGA (PART 2) - Hello!! I am come back after not so long hiatus due to work. I am so happy I can write this blog again yay!! SO happy to finally write something it is very refreshing for me :)
SO ANYWAYS~ have you read the part 1 of Top 10 yaoi and shounen ai manga????? If you have not then you should check it here. Even though this called 'part 2' but that doesn't mean I like it less than part 1!! Some of the manga I like even more than the part 1. It's just that I recently discover it!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

BuyForMe service, Buy From China -

Nowadays, everything become more easier and efficiance. So Many services are provided to facilitate us in any activity and needs. one of them is on Shopping. So many online shop there are present today. And since its much more easier to shop ( and 'cause its a trend XD ) people like to spend time to shop via online. Especially if what we are looking is on the other country. Just by search and click. And there's a bunch of website from worldwide that will give us a service to shop anything we want.

One of the concepts that are come in way of shopping via online, is a BuyForMe system. It is an online marketplace that's very easy and simple to use, and assist in sopping products we are looking for that sell in other countries. One of the biggest and trusted online shopping agent is . YoyBuy is the online shopping aggent for the biggest online market in China. Since it must be confusing if we want to buy somethings in online shop China, but considering we don't understand .. using, if you want to buy from the online shop in China, a women clothing, or etc .. it'll be very helpful.

so come visit to buy from China, just take a minute to register and we get our free address in china that will use to buy the product we want. there are alot of fashion cheap products in websites in online shop in china like Taobao,Tmall,, etc. And by using YoyBuy , we can purchased it using multiple payment option, and it can delivery worldwide via EMS,DHL,E-Express, etc.. and it's secured.

 happy Shopping :D

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