Saturday, October 31, 2015

Banggood Wishlist 2015 ^^v CAT WISHLIST meowwww

Bangood Wishlist 2015 ^^v

Banggood Wishlist 2015 ^^v CAT WISHLIST meowwww - Hi!! Remember my Banggood giveaway here or the Bangood product that I tried here . Well Well For you who don't know. Banggood is an online store who sell many things such as beauty product, clothing, electronic and many more ^^ well you check it

Anyways here's my wishlist in Bangood which contains many cat stuff.. hahaha

cute pillow head cat

THIS CAT STUFFED. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okey, so I have the cat head purse right???????? and I just need this pillow. Okey died.. cause it's also big. it's not small. God I want all of them TT_TT who else think those cat head are so cute??? you can also get it here. okey so one is for $11.88 which means if  I want to buy them all $59.4 (okey.. time to save some money..)

tiger umbrella

yeah well.. cause girls~ I just need this handsome creature save me from the rain ;) get one for you too here 

cheap catnip

I want my cat to feel the joy of cat nips. I already tried looking everywhere here in town but nobody sell so hey banggood for only $1.99 yoohooo here


Bwahahaha there is a pussy on a pussy hahahahahaha.  okey I just thought it's funny whahaha it's not like i'm going to show it to someone and get them shock because I have a pussy.. LOL! if you also like it here

cute phone plug

omomomomomo need this cute baby tiger on my phone right now!!! ALSO IT's BLING bling!! You know.. I LOVE bling stuff. Get me one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - here

Okey if there are someone who wants to buy me those stuff for my birthday present, you are very welcome to email me bwhahahahaha okey kidding haha or not..

See you in next post. ^_^v

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