Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fashion: Sporty Style - Dresslink: Animal Print Bag

Fashion: Sport Style - Dresslink: Animal Print Bag

Fashion: Sport Style - Dresslink: Animal Print Bag - hi ^^ Me again, Inge Lakawa featuring my sister, Ully Lakawa as the model. In today's fashion blog post, I'm showing you my new favorite bag that I got from dresslink!! It has cute cat face!! It looks like I chop a cat head and make it into a chain bag.... which is awesome I guess.
It was a lovely sunny day as always. While in some part of this world, summer is over. Well, It's summer everyday here!! In good weather like this, Going out will be comfortable in short jeans and sneakers, also with bright red color top~!!

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The animal print bag, cute cat chain bag is a small bag. But you still can put your phone and wallet there. The quality is pretty good since it's cost only $3.86 also it's very cute and unique. Come in 4 cat faces that you can choose. I choose the gray cat cause he has the biggest eyes. which look similiar to my lovely cat, Nebu-chan.
Oh and I also order the bigger size in dresslink, a lion face. It's on the way here now ;) I'll show you when it arrive ;)

Ps: No matter what you order online. You should choose the shipping with tracking!! Cause oh God.. my package lost... it'll never arrive I guess cause it's been 3 months already!! (crying in the corner..) oh well..

Bag: Dresslink - here
Shoes: Happy Shoes
Short: Bought somewhere in Atum Mall Surabaya
Top: Olivia
Headbands : Handmade
Bracelet: Bought somewhere in PGS

See you in next post~!!

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