Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fashion: Elegant Black Casual Outfit Style

banggood.com review

Fashion: Elegant Black Casual Outfit Style - Hi~! It's me Inge Lakawa using my sister, Ully Lakawa as the model for today's fashion blog post!! 
You know, black is everyone favorite color, yes or no? Black outfit can looked mysterious yet elegant and sexy. With the new banggood.com 's top with beautiful ruffles sleeve. 
Check more pictures ;)

Fashion: Elegant Black Casual Outfit Style
 In this photo,, I am not sure why she posed like a robot.
Her top made from chiffon, comfortable to wear. This kind of top is good for people who has apple body shape like her cause it made you look slim :)

casual outfit trend 2015
 From the back

black korean style look 2015
To complete the look. She wore simple black necklace and bling bling long earrings.
Also she wear tights pants and sandals with beautiful bling bling.

TOP: Banggood.com - you can get it here
NECKLACE: Bought somewhere in PGS
EARRING: Bought somewhere in PGS
SANDALS: Merci brand from happy shoes

See you till next time~! Stay positive ;)

16 komentar:

  1. You look really elegant and stylish!

  2. You look great! Lovely outfit <3
    Following you now :)


    Tanita Weith Blog / Facebook /Bloglovin

  3. Nice

    Love Vikee

  4. outfit yang bisa menambah keanggunan pemakainya. Rancangan sendiri kah??...bagus banget dan jika terus fokus pada rancangan2 spt itu...kedepannya pasti bagus n sukses... Suka saya mendapati orang2 kreatif dari negri sendiri yang talentanya berkualitas. Oke...sukses ya!! ^_^

    1. haha makasih ya atas komentarnya :D
      Ini bajunya bukan di rancang sendiri. Beli kok ^^ Cuman di style sendiri.


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