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DIY: How To Make Easy Guinea Pig House

lol I want her to swim but she didn't like at all and jump from it.. and wet my clothes omg..
Have you meet Piku our guinea pig? rrrrgggggg
If you haven't yet. CLICK HERE and know more about my lovely cute guinea pig.
Piku wants to share with you all on how her smart aunt (it's me. Cause Piku is my sister's guinea pig lol, I couldn't call her MINE!) MAKE A MOFO HOUSE FOR HER!!!! 
Let's check!

guinea pig cute eatingSo This is a super easy tutorial really.. it’s just there are no picture shown hahaha So I just took pictures of the result and not the process Hehe I'm sorry. But I promise you, it’s easy!!

I make My guinea pig, Piku, a bigger house. So she already has a cage, the black one as you can see in picture below. I make the other house connected to her cage. She has two rooms in her house now. Awesome, yeah?!!

Oh anyways I don't want to hear that a guinea pig is not supposed to live in a cage like that one I have, f**k off, that's the cage you get when you have a guinea pig and you live in INDONESIA! beside really few people own a guinea pig here. Not much things you can find in pet shop that means for a guinea pig, OKAY? plus she live in that cage for 5 YEARS and happy about it LOL I remind some people who think they know my guinea pig better than me, I know my guinea pig better than you if you forget, she lives for yearS. So don't be a smartass.. just saying.

Back to tutorial.

guinea pig cage house
how the house looks
- One big cardboard
- One small cardboard that fit inside the big cardboard
- Cutter
- Scissors
- Glue or double tip
- Colorful or cute wrapping paper
- Unused towel
- Stuffed animal (optional)


- First cut the small cardboard in half and put it inside the big cardboard. Cause guinea pig is so shy, they like to stay under something ^_^v So that's why we make a 'room' inside the big cardboard.

- Cut a small hole on the big cardboard. It use as a door for guinea pig. In my case the cardboard door is connected to another door. So she can go easily from this cardboard house to her cage.

how to make house for guinea pig- When everything done. Wrap all the cardboard with wrapping paper. I used green and blue color because that's what available, hopefully piku likes it..

- After that, use the towel for the base so if she pee or poo. You can easily remove and clean the dirt.

- And if you like, you can put some stuffed animal and a small bed. The guinea pig didn't care though but it's cute anyways haha.

cute guinea pig house- In her another cage I also give the pipe so she can play in it. She loves it. She use it until now, I recommend a pipe for your guinea pig. But make sure it's big enough for them. You don't want your guinea pig stuck in a pipe, right?

WARNING: since the guinea pig it's like a rodent animal... so the house cardboard wont stay forever you know. She will bite the cardboard like a mouse -.-'.. So yeah..
plus their pee will be absorbed in cardboard.
So yeah after sometimes you might want to put it in big trash bin.
I used mine for like one year :)

marmut lucu tidur

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