Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Wishlist 2015 ^_^v

Summer Wishlist 2015 ^_^v
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Hey!! It's summer time already, the weather is really hot right now ~_~;
What I want right now is going to the beach with my family and friends. It can make me feel fresh and cool. Even when I am on the beach. I need to look fashionable!! So I make this wishlist! The items that I want is from Dresslink, one of my favorite online store since they always have many discount promo, the price is very affordable but at the same time very fashionable! So let's check~!
1. The Bikini

bikini trend 2015

I like this from the first time I saw it. It looks like sailor. Pretty unique hahaha. Even thought I don't wear bikini publicly. I would love this one. Maybe I can wear it when I swim in private pool hihihi. You can also get this one here

2. The sandals
summer flower sandals
As for sandals. I picked this one. Because it looks very cute ^^ Flowers always looks good on summer!! You can also get this one here if you like

3. The Hat
sweet hat cheap hat

I need a hat too. I choose this one cause the blue color match my bikini ^^ It looks sweet too with the flowers on it ;) Get the hat here~

4. Sunglasses
summer sunglasses
Well.. it's summer means it's sunny. We just need a sunglasses right? This one looks good ^^ Get this one here

5. Summer Outfit

summer outfit trend 2015

As for the summer outfit. I like this white blue floral print outfit ^^ It looks fresh! if you like you can get this one here too

and that's my wishlist. What's your wishlist guys? What are you planning this summer? ;)

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