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FASHION: CHEAP EVENING DRESSHello. How are you today?  \(^O^)/ It’s nice to be blogging again. Anyways, I’m back with a new post about Evening Dress From Jecicadress. You can check in
If you want to look amazing and beautifull at the party or when you meet some friends, collegas and having candle light dinner with boyfriend or husband. A beautiful evening dress is what we need, right? But with minimal budget, I guess you should check jecicadress. Because they offer very affordable dress. ^O^


black evening dress cheap

I like this dress so much from the first time I saw it. It  looks very elegan and make my body shape looks good I guess. Because it press body and mermaid tail on the bottom.  The bling beads and the black color make it looks very elegant. Love it!! In case you also want it. You can find it here (

cheap evening dress 2015

Okay. The next dress is this green evening dress that  looks so cool and sexy. Because just look at those dress~ almost similiar with the first dress, with mermaid tail and so.. but this one is more simple which is good cause simple makes perfect ^^;. You can find the dress here (

elegant cheap evening dress

And my third favorite is this white beautiful evening dress. Looks like goddess dress lol. So if you want to be more elegan and holly (lol) I guess this one is the best! Looks like Greek Goddess, right? Also what’s more better combination than a white and gold color?? God, luv this dress design. And also if you interest in it (

cheap dress online shop

And who said the evening dress has to be a long dress? Well no, I think you can also look good in short dress that show your legs~ hahaha this one is my favorite little black dress. One shoulder dress will make you look sexy without looking cheap!! LOL Also it become my favorite because it made from lace.. hehehe and again if you interest here is the link (

sexy red dress evening dress

And last but not least. My another favorite dress from jecicadress is this red dress!! It will makes you look stunning in the dark aka at night. The dress is make from chiffon. With sexy V neck aha~!! And ofcourse high cut dress hehe. You can find the dress here (

Okey that’s it for now. What do you think? There are many Cheap Evening Dresses for you to choose ^^

 Okey have a nice day and enjoy shopping ^^/ see you in next post

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  1. The black one with silver beeds is stunning. Like stary sky night. I have black dress with silver spirals, but it's nothing compered to this <3
    I adore your choice, I would also go for white one.



  2. I love all these beautiful dresses, especially the black one!
    I always buy my dresses at:

  3. All of the dresses look wonderful!


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