Friday, March 27, 2015

Dresswe 2015 New Style Cheap Wedding Dresses Promotion

Dresswe 2015 New Style Cheap Wedding Dresses Promotion
Get this pretty dress here ->
Fashion: Dresswe 2015 New Style Cheap Wedding Dresses Promotion - Well, Do you need an evening dress?? I don't LOL. But I love looking at these kind of dress. Also I love you so then I love sharing to you (need or not need it right now) where you can get beautiful evening dress who looks elegant, beautiful, modern, chic, update with the trend but OFFER CHEAP PRICE!!

Introduce you it's an online store who sell fashion stuff. Anyways what I want to share right now is their Cheap evening dresses of where you can check, here ->>

before you open the link above. Why not you go take a look at my favorite TOP 5 evening dresses *wink* hehehe

Friday, March 13, 2015

Beauty: Review Sariayu Masker Jerawat

Beauty: Review Sariayu Masker Jerawat

Beauty: Review Sariayu Masker Jerawat - Jerawat itu... seperti.. waktu kamu ketemu orang banyak, talking talking dan saat nge-cek penampilan kamu di kaca, eh kamu sadar, kamu punya taik gigi hijau nyelip di gigi kamu... malunya itu loh =.=' .. Intinya punya jerawat itu malu-maluin..

Muka aku yang super berminyak, selalu aja jerawatanya. Kayaknya nggak pernah di history of my life, aku nggak punya jerawat di muka. Biar satu pasti ada. Si jerawat ini pikir, muka aku pantai kutai kali ya.. masa seneng banget nongkrong di situ -.-''

Anyways, karena waktu belanja di supermarket ketemu ini (sebenarnya udah lama banget cuman baru di review sekarang) + waktu itu lagi banyak-banyaknya jerawatnya + ada satu jerawat yang pingin banget aku pencet (tapi nggak boleh ya).. jadinya aku beli ini masker jerawat.

Yuk di baca reviewnya~

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fashion: Cheap Wedding Dress 2015 -

Fashion: Cheap Wedding Dress 2015 - www.yobridal.comHi how are you? I've been busy moving to a new house. And my cat was sick so very bad that he need to get, uhmm.. intravenous therapy?... it's because he was too shocked when we moved to a new house. Poor him.. but thank God, he's fine. I thought he would "bye bye me" cause the doctor said something scary, something like, bad dehydration, virus, liver thingy, blind shit. He was 6kg and when he sick he's only 5,3kg TT_TT... 
But look!! thank you God, really Thank you God m(_ _)m..  my cat is perfectly fine right now ^3^ (and one of the doctor was pretty annoying cause she kept arguing.. wtf man.. I am the person with a sick cat, don't you think you need to stop arguing?? so unprofessional until the main doctor had to say sorry for her.what the fuck -.-'')

Enough about me and my cat hahaha. 

You know the important thing when you have a wedding is the wedding dress, yeah right? Even thought, I am not married yet or not getting marry anytime soon. But I like to think how my wedding dress will look ;)

If me - who are not marry soon - already think such a think. You - who will getting marry soon - must be so busy looking for a dress. So I want to tell you a place where you can get beautiful dress with very reasonable price :)

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