Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fashion: Tmart Floral Shoulder Bag - Summer Fashion 2015

Fashion: Tmart Floral Shoulder Bag - Summer Fashion 2015

Still with me, Inge Lakawa. The model is not me but my sister, Icha Lakawa. ;) But I took the pictures, pretty good, huh???
How are you?? God, I miss blogging. But my schedule is pretty hectic especially in those valentine times.. I only sleep for 3 hours 3 days in a row, I sleep in the morning for 3 hours and then started working until the next morning. It's like everyone celebrated valentine but me.. *crying in the corner.. forever alone..
But well.. life's hard and I know that after 23 years of my cute life.. god making money is hard. It's hard but It's also fun ^_^v
okey enough about me.. act like someone actually read this..

Showing you my newest bag that I got from Tmart and surprisingly very good quality bag O_O..
keep reading~!! or if you don't like reading.. well.. keep looking at the pictures..

Tmart fashion online store

We know it's not summer but well.. it's almost summer. but I don't have 4 seasons so I don't care what weather. We can wear short everyday~!! cause even though it's raining season. It's not that cool~

So Then My sister with her new dress, yellow dress with blue ribbon print suit perfectly with Tmart cute plant printing shoulder bag. Also with some accesorries, pearl bracelet and elegant heels :) Feminine style yo~ \m/

fashion trend summer 2015

If  you don't know Tmart.. is an online store where you can find NOT ONLY fashion beauty related items. But also many others things. Such as phone, PC, video game, Toys and many more~

The bag is very very good quality, I swear to God. I surprised it is this good. It's thick material. It has print floral inside the bag. It available in two colors. Green and Blue.
The print goes with many dress ^^ Cute~!! Simply fall in love with the bag~!!

Tmart Bag floral bag

BAG: Tmart - HERE
Dress: No brand
Bracelet: No brand
Shoes: No brand

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  1. lovely blog


  2. Its a gorgeous bag and the print makes it so cute x

  3. You're always so witty, and I love that about you and your blog. :)
    Here's a belated Valentine's day hug, *hug* You are never forever alone!<33
    Your new bag is beautiful, I love the details.

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  4. Beautiful dress
    You look fabulous

    Love Vikee

  5. Awe Inge... I am sorry to hear you are not sleeping... I am the same way...

    Your sister looks adorable here, I like her cute outfit xox

    I am sorry to hear you spent Valentine's alone... I did too... I hope soon I don't have to but that could be what is in the cards for me... who knows:)

    Blog when you can, it sounds like you work more than I do... :-/

  6. suka banget sama detail leher & lace-nya :D
    lace emang lagi booming bgt ya
    tapi ngerawatnya yg bikin galau klo uda pernah ketarik tarik jadi jelek deh :(

  7. Hi sweet!
    I love your blog and am following.
    I am Brazilian and I invite you to meet my space!
    Big kiss!

    Instagram: tamiya343 and Twitter: @ cat_343


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