Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Favorite Kpop Group

Hahaha It's late at night!! I'm just done decorating cupcakes. Finally I can relax and write this fun blog post. I've been sick for few days ago. Very hectic schedule, I had no time to sleep. I only sleep for few hours :'( I went to sleep at 4am in the morning and woke up at 7am in the morning for 4 days in a row!!!!!! AND Finally my body met the limit. I was sick. I puked so many times.. if I count I think I puke 9 times in few hours. hahahaha. God, really shocked my self since my last puke was 5 years ago. I thought at least I lost some weight. But nothing change.. really.. wtf..

Anyways, back to the main topic.. I don't think you care about this post hahaha but I will still continue writing so at least I still have '1 post for Janury 2015' if I am too busy to write anything until the end of the month hahahahaha.

Anyways again, just to let you know. I like Kpop long before everything became so big, so famous, like everyone I meet know Kpop!! what...
I like Kpop long time ago when everyone I meet, everyone I know said wtf is Kpop..
Now they all talking like they know everything about it *smartass
or some of them just hating by mocking the Kpop song *childish..

god, you are so sweet then.. :D

I will just give TOP 5. It's not hard to choose really.. hahaha I was going to give TOP 3 but I think this post will be too short so 5 is good yeah yeah yeah?!!

in 5th place
image from google

I'm not a shallow person I usually more into the music than the looks but God.. tell me how you not love, when someone looks like this and said Merry Christmas (to you), tell me how you not??? I fall into this cliff called love LOL
I never ever imagine I will like Got7 cause they really didn't sound like the music I will like LOL But everyday since JB (those guy name) said merry Christmas, I listen to their songs.. my favorite is "A" cause JB sing alot their *chu~
He looks like the guy I like in manga *blush.. He is the real life version of the guy I like in manga *blush.. please slap my self. But really.. he likes smiling.. all the time.. and when he smile his eyes looks like this -_- which is so cute.. *omgggggggggggg I fall deeper..

in 4th place

All time favorite. Since the first song they sing. When Park bom face still looks cute and pretty (now she looks like plastic weird doll, no hate.. but all the surgery is too much for her and didn't look natural at any level..)
I like ALL their songs. ALL ALL. There's nothing that I don't like. ^^ I also like CL single songs. Luv!!! I don't know what to say. I just love their songs. I still listen the old songs too until now, everytime I decorate cakes late at night. Their song give power LOL I don't usually talk like this. But really their songs work, it brings energy :D

in 3rd place
G-Dragon and Taeyang

well it should be Big Bang.. But uhmm.. I just like the old songs by big bang. All the new song by them didn't click me. Maybe if I make this list on those time when big bang still singing 'haru-haru' I guess big bang would be in my first, and T.O.P would still be in my cute heart <3.. I was really in love with TOP big bang. The email I use everyday is LOL but I cover it with so I won't sound so pipipip freak.

But anyways, my favorite right now is GD and Taeyang. Every single songs they sing \m/ Of course the  most favorite is 'Good boy' but all the single they sing are goodesome~

in 2nd place

Oh my god. remember that first song BAP sing 'Warrior'? :'( Crying for happiness cause I really love the song, the music video, all the members. Especially the leader, Bang Yong Guk and the youngest, Zelo who grow up so fast and so tall now :D but I also like all the songs after that
I will waiting their come back~!! Hopefully not something mellow... :D
in 1st place

BTS  Bang Tang Boys. 

My number 1 favorite today~ (maybe tomorrow will be different)
Ever since I heard that 'Danger' song by them. I think I was flying to the hip hop heaven and dancing along with them even though I can't dance.
I was like, 'Thank you God. You finally show me a Kpop group who sound so manly after BAP. Thank you God Thank you!!!"... yeah that was what I thought until I watched them live in music show... god.. really.. that BTS member, his name is V.. why oh why Lord he did that gay thing, did the aegyo thingy a BTS should not do cause really they should look manly!!  Really disappointed with this V gay.. opps V guy..
But I forgive them cause all their songs sound really great. Love everysingle songs in their album.
My favorite member is the RAP MONSTER, the leader. Luv u~!!!!
I recommend this song in their album 'BTS Cypher PT.3 : KILLER (Feat. Supreme Boi)'
SO That's it for now ^^ See you in next post
before I go to sleep.. and end this post.
I wonder, who likes Kpop too? you, you, you.. yaaaaa who's your favorite?? ^^v

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  1. Inge.... I am sorry to hear you were so ill... I do hope you will feel better...

    I was happy to see you posted, I know you are a busy lady with work and life... have a really great day xox

  2. Lovely blog :)


  3. great post dear!^^
    would you like to follow each other?
    let me know if you followed me, i will follow you back after it. thank you^^

  4. Bigbang always number 1 of me :)))
    End now, i also like listening Shinwa, 2PM & BTOB.

    If my speed internet back to normal, I like to hear your recommendation especialy BTS Bang Tang Boys. It first read about BTS Bang Tang Boys group from your blog.
    End I think hearing BAP & GOT7 music of MNet but can't remember because so many boyband now. ;'D

    1. yeah so many boy bands right now. I got confuse.. if it's not because my mom keep watching Korean channel on tv. I wouldn't remember all of them LOL

  5. Great post

    Love Vikee

  6. Great Post! It's been a long while since I last visited! :)
    How have you been??

    1. I'm good ^^ Thanks for your visit and comment ;D

    2. I love kpop I hear de kpop all day and every day <3 :D
      I also have a blog check it out would be delighted. ^^


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